My Medici

If you’ve known me as a creative for a while you know I am always looking for my Medici.

Michaelangelo’s David. He had his Medici to support his creative work.

Like Michael Angelo Buonarroti, I have always had my eye out for my Lorenzo de Medici to materialize and become my patron. I have always wanted to be free to create instead of wearing the hat of the businessman and then finding time to be the creative that I am. It’s like having to wait for dessert…maybe that’s why I have been known to eat dessert first!

Today I am here to invite YOU to be my patron!

Yes, you can join me on Patreon and be an active contributor in my venture to share the work of demystifying holistic health. I have 18 videos under my belt so far and you can watch these past episodes on my YouTube Channel to which I invite you to log in and subscribe while you’re there.

Why holistic health? It all started while I was in college and due to the very hectic lifestyle I was living studying architectural design, fine art, extra-curricular dance, working to support myself, having great dancing and tennis weekends and doing it all over again to graduate with honors and be running the firm by the time I graduated, well, it all took its toll on my health. So I discovered naturopathy and I couldn’t stop talking about it after that. I became a convert and shared with anyone that needed the information.

My guest today is a healer and urban midwife. Watch our conversation on Tu Salud, Naturalmente / Your Health, Naturally.

Sharing the information is what I continue to do through this program: Tu Salud, Naturalmente / Your Health, Naturally because I believe that the complementary use of holistic health is the future of our health care. In fact, I continue to bridge my interests with today’s guest. She is a healer and urban midwife in Quito, practicing the delivery of new souls — be sure to watch the episode live at 4pm CST, on CBBA Radio. This will be a special program.

The program is typically in Spanish at 4pm, and in English at 4:30pm. Today’s program will be all in Spanish (so you can practice yours) and by tomorrow I am hoping to have the transcipt completed to do the translation adding captioning in Engish.

That’s why I need your support! I want to keep sustaining these teaching objectives to produce more efforts and share them with more and more people to teach the tools for better self-management. Will you join me on Patreon to give back?

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