Health Hacker for Population Health

I’m a health hacker!

Through holistic health I dream of impacting population health.

LA givingWhy is that?

By proposing that holistic health is something that can benefit individuals I intend to benefit their family, their community, their world.

How is this possible?

If an individual can understand that everything is a network of systems and that our body is a system of systems connected to that network then he can begin to understand that everything around has a health impact on population health.

What can that do?

This knowledge and understanding will then drive every action at all levels. If we fail to consider the health impact of a product, a service, an organization, a community, a city, a country, and beyond, we are impacting the core of our own existence.

What can one do to influence population health?

Understanding that our choices for population health are at the core of our healthful outcome we can recognize that the future of our economy, society, and environment depends on the population health that we support.

By practicing holistic health we are open to allowing our body, a reflection of our system, guide its needs at the physical, emotional, and spiritual level. This method of gauging needs can also be applied to the whole system of population health.

Because the body is an organic network living in an organic world it will readily identify with natural options for daily maintenance and operation. The closer the world can sustain its organic nature then all components will exist in the same language. Outcomes will be most benign to population health.

What is the future of technology in this world?

Technology is a tool that leverages population health. It sustains the balance of the organic world by translating the perspective into outcomes that fit this form.

Where do we start?

One person at a time at each individual level. A collective consciousness.

What can you do to contribute?



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