Supporting Your Healthy Diet Now

What specific food should I be eating these days to bolster my immune system?

More and more people are making the food/health connection and want to know what kind of foods they should be eating to stay healthy under the current demands.

A well balanced diet of whole fresh foods is vital to support good health all the time. There is no real magic bullet but media attention is today bringing our focus to zinc and quercetin, principally for their immune boosting qualities.

Stay Healthy Flier - Zinc Quercetin

If we support our holistic health by supporting our spiritual health, our emotional health and our body health, we will be doing well to support each one of these equally and in a variety of ways to benefit our whole health experience.

When considering the energy we intake to sustain ourselves, we want to consider fresh, regional, and organic foods. These are the most nutritious. Variety is important as well. An assorted diet offers us a menu rich in the nutrients we need.

Each fresh food provides us with an assortment of nutrients not just one. A single fresh food includes many vitamins and minerals and a diverse menu will provide us with a healthy assortment of these nutrients every day. Keep this in mind and explore. Try new foods. Remember to keep your menu colorful and choose a variety of colors each week.

Nature will provide us the best foods for each season so eating local has you covered with proper nutrients and enzymes not just vitamins and minerals.

zinc quercetin sm

Search for recipes that include the new foods you are introducing to your food palette and remember that color and flavor diversity is a sign of nutritional diversity.

Lilibeth André is a traditional naturopath. She founded Healthy Balance to share her practice in natural medicine, pranic healing, transpersonal psychology and ministry by helping others find holistic health, emotional support and rejuvenation form the inside out. Today she provides this support via distance consulting from her home office in Houston, Texas.




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