Mastering The Art of Letting Go

When do you know it is time to let go?

They say that when life gives you lemons you should make lemonade. What if you are so good at making lemonade that you don’t know when you should toss those lemons and walk away?

Life has a way to help us grow in spite of ourselves. It is up to us to recognize the hints before they begin to scream at us. What does screaming look like?

Meditation Falls 10 w

Meditation Falls, oil on canvas board, 8×6, painted on location by Lilibeth Andre ©.


Imposing our beliefs can close our mind and turn us into blind control freaks. When do we learn to give it up and let the other person choose their own destiny? Does it need to escalate to a matter of life or death?


A job can cease to be part of our life path. We can outgrow it and need to continue our learning, contribution and enjoyment elsewhere. When do we admit that the time has come to leave? When our health is drastically impacted?


Relationships are not always what we think they are. We can have our own idea of what they are but in reality when we come up short again and again, do we stop compromising and realize alone is not so bad? Do we wait until the truth is drastically unveiled before us to shut the door?

Westcliffe Valley II 10 w

Westcliffe II, oil on canvas board, 6×8, painted on location by Lilibeth Andre ©.


Many measure their success by the amount of stuff they accumulate. Stuff comes to us in many ways: by acquisition, inheritance, awards and as recognition. When do we admit that our stuff is holding us back? Do we need a terrible loss of stuff to realize we are much lighter afterwards?

Letting go can seem like a terrible loss at the physical, emotional, and financial level but it can also bring us a new opportunity to start a journey that takes us in a whole new direction. When we let go our empty hands become vessels to be filled with new opportunities, new directions, new ways we master life, love and happiness.

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