Why Manage Your Weight?

The bottom line is that we manage our weight for wellness and fitness. Our overall health and beauty is what moves us most to address our weight and see the benefits enhancing our rejuvenation.

Why do we want to manage our weight?

There are many reasons but the most important can be summed up in the benefits of removing excess baggage.

WaistThe excess weight means we are not performing efficiently. This lack of efficiency results in early aging of our internal systems, our organs and our exterior package.

What does this look like?

We will observe that our adrenals are affected and our respiratory system follows suit. As a result our immune system wears down.

Emotionally, we may see the effects due to hormonal imbalance. We may see signs of depression, reproductive and other imbalances.

Our bones and muscles wear and tear due to the excess weight and strain. We feel it in our feet, ankles, knees and hips.

Our brain may also seem groggy, confused and our memory may be slow in processing information, all due to high toxins and things that don’t belong in our system.

Sleep is also affected because the irritants keep us awake instead of allowing us a restful and regenerative rest.

Irritation can begin to collect in various places resulting in inflammation and arthritic pain in joints that slow down our movement due to pain.

Pain is a result of the inflammation and ongoing excess wear due to our body carrying a heavier load.

Digestion and elimination is another good reason to look at our weight. The excess will result in poor and inefficient performance that results in poor processing and elimination of sugars and proteins making the process ineffective and bring negative effects that can be avoided.

What in most cases motivates us to consider weight management is the exterior. We may be tired of seeing ourselves heavier than what we want to be. Although the most important thing to consider about weight loss is that by giving our body what it needs to cleans and regenerate, we are improving the function of the whole body system. That improvement is reflected in the way we look. We can help slow down the effects of early aging and excess wear and tear on the body. Our body and skin will look best to boot.

Lilibeth Andre is a traditional naturopath, pranic healer and ordained minister practicing at Healthy Balance, in Houston, Texas.

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