The 3 Wins

Being free to be and contribute.

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I believe it is time for free education, free housing, and basic income.

In my post “The Future of Work” I talked about the value of people. If we support the members of our community to reach their highest aspirations because they are passionate about them we will be contributing to their happiness but the gains go beyond that. Pursuit will be for fulfillment and not for financial gain. In this change of focus we build the aspects of giving and sharing.

Free education is nothing new. Pursuing the education and training we desire helps us fulfill our yearnings. It is not our pursuit of how best to pay the bills and attain the marks of success. We may be more disposed to work to give back for the education we receive. Social service and professional practice allows the newly educated the opportunity to explore their new knowledge and skills by contributing to the community with skilled service.

Free housing is humane. We cannot consider ourselves civilized if we have masses of the invisible walking our streets and sleeping under bridges. If they panhandle at the corner pushing their carts and boxes along and we drive by with some angst or not, that is not a sign of a civilized community. We all  have our ups and downs in life and many can cross the threshold of invisibility. We deserve to have a mechanism that provides safe shelter for all.

Basic income is liberating. Working sun up to sun down. Many people live this way. The time for contemplation is non-existent. Creativity, invention and innovation come through the exploration of peace and contemplation. It catalyzes knowledge and turns it into wisdom. Then a surge of force ignites one to build something new, to solve the quandaries of life.

We can do it. We have what it takes. Failure is not an option.



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