Houston, Texas

I am an artist. I am a writer. I am a holistic health and rejuvenation practitioner.

I enjoy painting people and places. I am an observer and with my painting I preserve what I see so that once captured I can share the image and its emotion with others.

Always on the path to master the work tools, I continue to learn everyday. I work with a subject to represent my impression of it’s strength, emotion, peace, and bring that out in my artwork.

I am an artist first and foremost. A creator.

Art at Arte Caliente

Artist Lilibeth André with her work, by Lorena Fernandez

Besides painting, I have managed sustainable development efforts working with academics while bringing together my experience in transportation, design, business, and nature. A sustainable future is very important to me. Being a part of leaving a legacy that respects our world for future generations, while enhancing the quality of life of more people, is what I do everyday. Directly connected to these activities is my holistic health practice where, since 1979, I began the path of learning and practicing traditional naturopathy.

I was born in Mexico and have lived in the USA most of my life. My educational background is in architectural design, art, business, naturopathy and transpersonal psychology. I also practice pranic healing. I am a mother and that was my primary focus for a decade and a half of my life. I have a strong bond to my roots having had the opportunity to study design and art in Coyoacan, Mexico City, furthering my knowledge of Mexican art, design and culture. My lifestyle includes naturopathy for the last 39 years and I now consult and educate others through Healthy Balance. In that realm, I am the creative director and host of Your Health, Naturally / Tu Salud, Naturalmente, a weekly radio/TV show broadcast online. I enjoy the outdoors. I am fortunate to get out and paint in the Texas area or in my travels.

LA giving cropI support local artists buying their work and studying under those whose artistry I admire. I ran a studio for 10 years near the Galleria, in Houston. I knew I was an artist when at the age of 5 I felt the thrill of plein aire painting. My first portrait was recognized at age six and I’ve been creating art ever since. Since 1998 I’ve created a series of classical works that include over 500 portraits and figures; wildlifes; landscapes; and still lifes. I have also done some temporary public art, iconic and surrealist works. My work has been exhibited in Mexico, Los Angeles, Houston, Alpine, Galveston, Rockport, San Antonio, Fredericksburg, Bellaire, and Sugar Land, Texas.

In 2012 I published my first book, an award winning novel for young adults that teaches about the Aztec culture through the adventures of a young heroine. My second book was published in 2014. It is a collection of songs my grandfather wrote. I have also contributed to books by others with consulting, design, and illustrations. My curent book, Top 10 Tips for Holistic Anti-Aging is now available online.

You can find out more about my work, events, prints and merchandise by visiting my Website: http://www.lilibethandre.com

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