The Year of Harvey

The year of Harvey confronted me with the demand to let the chains go. The chains that dragged me down to where I had been, where I no longer needed to be.

It was no subtle request. It was a confrontation between who I was and where I needed to go, what I needed to be, all without a flight plan. Life does that. When we resist the path that gently unfolds, the path that has our best interest at heart, life tends to make the change happen anyway and brings on the consequential result that will get us on the right track.

This is the moment when we must learn to bend with the wind to avoid damage at the breaking point. It is almost as if life is telling us, “can you hear me now?”

It is up to us. We can continue to resist and try at tremendous cost to remain unchanged, to remain where we are, or we can let go of the chains that bind us and ask ourselves, “where do I need to go? who am I now?”

Photo: Sunrise, by  Joseph Michaels Photography

Photo: Sunrise, by Joseph Michaels Photography

When we can recognize the benign intent of chaos and circumstance in causing our reinvention we can begin to see that change. Though It may feel painful as we deal with the ripping of our core to remove the ingrown parasitic deviation of our being, that is entirely the objective. Not the pain but the separation of what ails our spirit.

We cannot become renewed without change and if we are convinced we are what we are not any longer and we grasp the past with all our might we will suffer. Greatly.

There will be pain, the pain of resistance, of denial. The pain of letting go what is not ours, the pain of lacking the certainty of who we are, the pain of acceptance of our new nature, even though we may not see what that may look like at that moment.

We may ask why. We may be blessed with the answer but the lesson of growth is the objective. It is the propulsion that will steer is onto the path we need to embrace and thus reacquaint ourselves with our true nature, the one we had been resisting, denying, as we stubbornly were trying to retain what became toxic to our spirit.

As I no longer am who I was before the year of Harvey, and I have released the pain of letting go of the people, the conditions, the old mold that boxed me in, I can recognize that reinvention has occurred. This reinvention is only peeling the old layer that encrusted the eternally fresh spirit needing to flourish. The sweeping of defunct debris has opened up fresh new space. The new layer brings forth the new conditions and circumstances that now fill my path in the continued journey of my true spirit.


Lilibeth Andre is a naturopath focusing on holistic health, emotional support and rejuvenation therapies for body, mind and soul at Healthy Balance.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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