Back to Normal

After the floods, the fires, the hurricanes, the earthquakes, the volcano… everyone wants life to go back to normal.

It has been several weeks since Harvey stopped by Houston, Texas and if the emotions are the same in people across other cities and countries affected by other natural disasters, I can only say that people want things to go back to normal.

People are tired of distress, fear and uncertainty.

The sun sets in Antigua, Guatemala with a promise of a new day. Photo by Lilibeth Andre ©

Normal, for now, is the grieving process. It is the need to talk about the disaster, to bond with other brothers and sisters affected by these circumstance or any disaster. Why?

By speaking and sharing we are externalizing and putting our experience before us. We want to find our ground, the anchor that gives us perspective and helps us to stand right side up, on our own two feet. We are looking for connection.

Life is no longer normal. It will never be the same. We now live in a new reality. We have been touched by circumstances that have changed our life. Even if we weren’t hurt or damaged, we lived through it and it left a mark. We now understand what devastation can look like in our own backyard. All it takes is to look at our home or visit one of our friends or neighbors.

Normal is now something we do not yet know. It is like the seed of a flower we have yet to see.

These natural disasters have caused us to refocus our attention. We have had to reprioritize what is important. We have had to reevaluate what defines us as human beings and as individuals. In doing so we are spending more time on the things that matter, with the people we care about. As things begin to settle we are reevaluating our bucket list.

New friends sharing and breaking bread together. Photo by Lilibeth Andre ©

If we learn the most from mistakes and hard times, this is a time of huge learning. We learn that life continues without many things we were pursuing and taking for granted. We begin to find we are richer rediscovering total strangers willing to step up and give us a helping hand. We find the freedom of loss makes us feel vulnerable, different but lighter. We find that even though we are hungry our stomach and heart become fuller with a donated sandwich brought by a volunteer.

We can wonder what this lighter, fuller, and richer life can give us. We wonder if we can ever rebuild our life and go back to normal.

Let me say that I hope we don’t go back to normal. I hope we can recognize we are all integrally connected and one. I hope we take these events as catalysts to better appreciate our planet, our people, and ourselves, that we see with new eyes. I hope we become master human beings and turn into creators, lovers and givers because we will then be creating, loving and giving to ourselves.

Namaste – “The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you”


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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