Hunting For Treasures

Artifacts from the Special Collections of the MD Anderson Library at the University of Houston.

Treasure hunting was not just for pirates. Treasures abound everywhere today and if books and the past is what excites you then I have the best treasure map for you.

I recently experienced the thrill of treasure hunting in the past. Houston’s past.

The MD Anderson Library at the University of Houston houses the Special Collections, an archived treasure trove of ancient, historic, and contemporary archives that tell us many stories.

The collections include:


I had the opportunity to peruse articles from the Hispanic Research Collection. They enriched my understanding about the Hispanic history and culture of Houston.

The Rare Books Collections offered an abundance of amazing treats. They set the creative wheels of my imagination in motion as each item transported me in time.

I felt privileged to walk down the archive halls and recognize the names of people and organizations I have heard of, known, and loved among the collections. It was inspiring and touching at the same time. It tells me that the collections are not only of historical value, but they hold the essence in vibrant contemporary experience of lives still in progress. I am appreciative that the library has included these works in their collections for all of us to discover and learn from. And isn’t that the best thing a treasure can offer?

About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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2 Responses to Hunting For Treasures

  1. Texas Leigh says:

    Thanks for informing people about this wonderful Houston resource.

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