Change, Change and more Change

It has been said that change makes us strong, it keeps us limber. Change makes us creative and innovative. It keeps us fresh.

Change is something we choose or it is something that occurs but change happens. Change can come in many forms. It can be mild or it can be in the form of a serious illness, a change in career, or in our personal relationship.

Some believe that what you resist persists so if change is moving us in a new direction yet we fail to heed because we are cozy in our comfort zone, then change will come back in greater force. It will be magnified. It will then say, “Can you hear me now”?

If change happens to you, what would you do?

Change has happened to me and while the dust has not yet settled, I can hear change now and this is where I’m going with the new person that I am after this change:

IMG_3288On June 3, 2017, I am choosing to close my studio of 10 years with a Studio Closing Clearance. The intent is to close the store-front and gallery and move any remaining artwork into my home studio. The home studio has always been my working studio. This is where you will find the easels, the drafting table, the books, my reference material and all my gear for in-house and plein air painting, and where I hold artwork in transition between shows and galleries. Art will continue to be my language of expression as it has been all my life. Come by and see if some art speaks to you and wants a place in your home.

On June 3, I will also be hosting a Launch Party at my studio. After 37 years of preparation, I am announcing Healthy Balance.Header-Healthy Balance block

At Healthy Balance I offer holistic rejuvenation therapies and services for the body, mind and soul. These integrative anti-aging specialties are a combined service of naturopathic experience and pranic healing practice to create a healthy balance that invites youthfulness through wellness.

The Launch Party for Healthy Balance will include talks on some of the services offered. There will also be an opportunity to win a FREE service package. So, men and women, if you want to learn about getting back your sexy, come on by.

Saturday, June 3, 2017
From 2:00 to 7:00 pm
West Loop Building
4848 Guiton Street, Studio 223
Houston, Texas 77027

Remember, change happens for a reason and it usually includes our personal growth at all levels. It takes us by the hand or gives us a push but it is a need for us to grow. Join me in this new phase of who I am.



About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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