Compassion in Houston

What does compassion look like? In Houston, it will look like many things.

Houston kicks off Compassion Week today. Activities will take place to give you an opportunity to join a group and give of your time, to learn or to help.

Art by Lilibeth Andre, Meyerland Sunset, oil, 18x24

Art by Lilibeth Andre, Meyerland Sunset, oil, 18×24

But what does compassion look like? In a nut shell? It looks like we are able to wear the other person’s shoes, that we are able to empathize and understand them and their condition. It looks like accceptance. If we can act on this loving kindness we materialize compassion.

Why compassion? Compassion brings out the human side of ourselves. It promotes true community and family. It removes us from separatism and arrogance. By reconnecting with people we bring a whole new perspective to everything that we do. It helps us understand the concept of interconnectedness. When we understand the interrelatedness of life we can better see how lending a hand to someone in need can create the “pay-it-forward” mindset that will be there to support us when we turn around and find that a hand is reaching out to us when we need it too.

Lilibeth Andre, Denzel, 10x8, watercolor

Lilibeth Andre, Denzel, 10×8, watercolor

On the spiritual level, compassion brings us closer to oneness. It opens the door to mindfulness and when we are present in love for our fellow man we are growing in self-love. When we raise our level of compassion, we raise everyone along with us. It is truly a chain reaction effect.

If we can sustain our level of understanding for compassion, if we can sustain our ability to act compassionately, if we can remain in compassion for a day or for a week, then we will be capable of reaching for more.

What does compassion look like on the individual level?

You tell me. What does it mean for you? How will you try on compassion this week?


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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