Guatemala – Day 6

More learning with another demo by William Kalwick, Jr.

More learning with another demo by William Kalwick, Jr.

Today we went to the market. We liked it and stayed to paint. A very busy market day was challenging to paint. A very crowded environment bustling with activity, we had to find an open space, out of the way of heavy traffic, people and otherwise.

I chose a busy corner at a fork on the road. Luckily the vendor next to me moved giving me a bit more space to avoid motor vehicle traffic. Of course, most traffic consists of three-wheeled cabs and bicycles, and lots of pedestrians. Many passers-by, both local of various ages, and tourists, were curious to see our work. Many art lovers abound, particularly market vendors curious to see our work and progress.

A final demo by William Kalwick by the lake.

A final demo by William Kalwick by the lake.

We had another demonstration by William Kalwick. His demo highlighted issues specific to our work representing the market. It was right on target and we enjoyed it very much. We then went to luch and scouted for a portrait model for the afternoon. We found a woman who only spoke a native language. Luckily a nearby shoe shine boy spoke the language and agreed to be our interpreter.

We went to dinner recapping the day’s events, discussing world issues, native cultures, and a good deal of fun humor. We made another trip down to the lake shore to look for the moon and see the night lights. Some of us had already been down to the dock and enjoyed the sunset and the saxophone music by a roving musician. We met a traveler from Canada and enjoyed hearing about his travels.

Tomorrow we return to Antigua.



About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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