Free to Be Me

At the easel, painting a live portrait, First Saturday Arts Market a few years ago.

At the easel, painting a live portrait at the First Saturday Arts Market a few years ago.

Are you happy to do what you do? Do you ever think about what it takes to allow you to do so?

I recently had a moment of great appreciation to be who I am and to live where I live. Why so?

In my weekly phone call to mom we talked about how lucky I am that I get to do all the great thing that I like to do. She said how she wished that she lived in my time. She would have really enjoyed, much to my stunned surprise, all the things that I do for work and for play. So I learned she enjoys and shares the fun through my challenges and achievements.

Mom enjoys the fact that I paint, that I write, that I take so many classes, that I work in PR. She likes that I can dance and sing (mostly in the shower or in the car–for your own safety–but I do it anyway). She likes that I get up and do things. You see, in her time and even in her world, that was not possible. As a woman of the 50’s and living in Mexico, her life was under the control of her father and then her husband, and because of logistics, her kids. There was no time for herself in between. It just didn’t happen. That’s the way it was, the accepted reality. She reminded me of how little opportunities existed, and still do, for women in that environment. They still only hire women from 25-35 (it used to be 18-25). It says right on the ads. And a wife still can’t get a passport without her husband’s permission. And though many women still depend on their husbands for financial security–putting up with things for fear of being financially cut off–some are becoming independent through a career or a small business of their own. Those are the more entrepreneurial women.

Dancing with Alvin and the Chipmunks

Dancing with Alvin and the Chipmunks

Living in an environment that provides little opportunities or resources for self-fulfillment in the social, economic, and inspirational aspect of life is something I had the opportunity to turn down.

Thanks to my weekly chats with mom I recently discovered something new about her and in turn, I had a moment of great appreciation for being who I am and for the fact that I live in Houston, U.S.A. It’s not a blank check and it certainly does take a lot of time management and hard work to do what I want to do but finding the way is half the fun. Being where I am, in my time, is a good place to be. A place where I can enjoy life and be myself.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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