Interview with Lilibeth André

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

To conclude the Spring sessions of the 2015 Natural Health & Wellness Workshop Series, I close with my own interview.  In this series I’ve had the pleasure to develop introductory sessions on Nutrition & Detox; Flower Essences; and Digestion, Enzymes & Probiotics. These sessions give participants a background to better understand the presentations by my guest speakers Lenna Groudan, Laura Andre, and Miranda Sparks.

Why are natural practices important to you?

Lilibeth André presents "Nutrition & Detox", "Flower Essences", and "Digestion, Enzymes & Probiotics", on March 7, March 28, and April 11, respectively.

Lilibeth André presents “Nutrition & Detox”; “Flower Essences”; and “Digestion, Enzymes & Probiotics”, on March 7, March 28, and April 11, respectively.

I have always been interested in diet and health. At 13, I took my first class on diet and nutrition because I felt the value of how we fuel our body was important. In college I began to understand the Hipppocratic oath, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  So began my study of natural practices to regain health naturally. I became my own guinea pig and could see results from both sides, as a practitioner and as a person feeling the difference first hand. I understood how our own bad habits and disposition could take us into greater and unnecessary aches and pains. So I began to study more, practice more, and made a lifestyle change.

Why did you choose your practice(s) and what is your focus?

I’m a life-student. I am always taking a class or studying something new, and somehow, it all seems to connect. My first encounter with a naturopathic modality was in fourth grade when I first heard of iridology. From the beginning, I started my naturopathic practice incorporating multiple methods through the guidance of my own practitioner, and as I first learned from Manuel Lezaeta Acharan. I later found the writings of Jethro Kloss to replace my lost reference books. Through the journey to recuperate their own health and then helping others find their own path, these innovators learned from many before them to bring together methods based on diet, cleansing and health maintenance through natural practices that help the body find, boost and regain its natural healthy balance and its optimum quality of life.

What can people expect from your workshop?

My goal for this workshop series is to create an opportunity to share the knowledge and understanding of natural practices. By increasing the awareness of these practices, understanding how they can help us boost our own health and maintain a healthy balance, we can live with less aches and pains and have a happier life. These workshops teach about a wholistic way of looking at health from a natural perspective. They consider the combined health of mind, body, and soul through natural means that are accessible to everyone. Participants can expect to meet others like them, connect with practitioners, and walk away with a higher Natural Practice IQ.

How should people prepare for your workshop?

There is no preparation needed. Wear something comfortable and be open to information that could help you gain an understanding of accessible tools to boost your health and wellness. The sessions take place at my small studio, a space that is ideal for casual and personal gatherings. Future sessions are already being planned but requests are always welcome.

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About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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