Interview With Miranda Sparks

Our final interview for the Spring sessions is with Miranda Sparks, LVN. Miranda is our third guest speaker. She’ll be presenting at the Natural Health & Wellness Workshop, on April 11. Her session is called, “Herbology”. Miranda will share her extensive love and knowledge of herbs and their use. If you want to join us for this session, register and choose the April 11 session.

LA: Why are natural practices important to you?

Miranda Sparks presents "Herbology" on April 11.

Miranda Sparks presents “Herbology” on April 11.

MS: Natural practices are important to me because our creator did not put us on this earth ill equipped. Everything we need is here naturally. We have been on earth thousands of years while allopathic medicines are only a little more than a hundred years old.

LA: Why did you choose your practice(s) and what is your focus?

MS: My main focus is the life energy of the plant. To feel the spirit of the plant and harvest it with care and intention that heals.

LA: What can people expect from your workshop?

MS: They can expect to look at plants in new light as I will convey that the healing comes from the life energy of the plant. They will learn to listen to their intuition when harvesting in the wild, and set forth healing intentions when creating their own healing remedies.

LA: How should people prepare for your workshop?

MS: No preparation is really needed. Just an open mind, an eager heart, and respect for our earth and all she offers.


Join us and learn of the interesting properties of simple herbs.




About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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