Interview with Laura Andre

Now we have an interview with Laura Andre, DVM. Laura is our second guest speaker. She’ll be presenting at the Natural Health & Wellness Workshop, on March 28. Her session is called, “Nutrition, Floral Essences, and Kinesiology for Pets”. Laura has extensive experience incorporating natural modalities in her veterinary practice. She will share with participants what she knows to empower pet owners to have healthy and happy pets. If you want to join us for this session, register and choose the March 28 session.

LA:Why are natural practices important to you?

Laura Andre presents: Nutrition, Floral Essences, and Kinesiology for Pets, on March 28.

Laura Andre presents: Nutrition, Floral Essences, and Kinesiology for Pets, on March 28.

LA: Because they are the only way to heal the body without causing any adverse side effects while boosting the immune system so that the animals can heal themselves. I’ve always believed in prevention, instead of healing sick animals, keep them healthy, boost their immune system so that they stay healthy, it doesn’t matter what germ (bacteria, fungus, virus, parasite) comes their way, they’re immune system is strong enough to take care of it. I want my patients to be healthy, to come and visit for the fun of it, not because they’re sick. I want to empower the owners, so that they enjoy their pets and are not constantly worrying about their health. We want to be healthy and we also want our pets to be healthy and I’m sure the only way to do this is with natural practices.

LA:Why did you choose your practice(s) and what is your focus?

LA: I chose to be a vet because all my life I was surrounded by animals, ducks, cats, dogs, raccoons, snakes, rats, frogs, chickens, and I suffered when they were sick, so I wanted to learn how to keep them healthy, when I learned about natural medicine in all its forms and how it helped the animals stay healthy and disease free, it was the logical step for my practice. I still can’t believe that all the veterinarians haven’t added natural practices to their healing and treatment tools. I’ve used natural medicine since 1980, and it’s been a wonderful rewarding journey! It started with herbs, then homeopathy, nutrition, flower essences, gem essences and finally kinesiology.

What can people expect from your workshop?

They will learn that all the problems with their pets can be improved, if not solved completely, naturally, even if it’s a severe medical condition like cancer, natural medicine can be a great support that would give them better quality of life. If it’s a behavioral problem, flower essences can do wonders, from learning disorders, to potty training, to disgusting habits, you’ll be surprised how well and how fast they work! You’ll learn what nutritional supplements can help prevent disease and boost your pet’s immune system. You’ll also learn how flower essences work on your pet’s body and that you can use them safely on all your pets, and finally you’ll be relieved to know that you can keep your pet healthy and happy the natural way.

How should people prepare for your workshops?

Come with an open mind and a long list of behavior and medical questions.

Any other question you would like to answer to let them know more?

How would you feel if your pet’s good health would be a given? No food allergies, no annoying habits, no constant respiratory, digestive or urinary infections? HEALTHY AND HAPPY PETS! HAPPY OWNERS!


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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