Interview with Laura Andre

Now we have an interview with Laura Andre, DVM. Laura is our second guest speaker. She’ll be presenting at the Natural Health & Wellness Workshop, on March 28. Her session is called, “Nutrition, Floral Essences, and Kinesiology for Pets”. Laura has extensive experience incorporating natural modalities in her veterinary practice. She will share with participants what she knows to empower pet owners to have healthy and happy pets. If you want to join us for this session, register and choose the March 28 session.

LA:Why are natural practices important to you?

Laura Andre presents: Nutrition, Floral Essences, and Kinesiology for Pets, on March 28.

Laura Andre presents: Nutrition, Floral Essences, and Kinesiology for Pets, on March 28.

LA: Because they are the only way to heal the body without causing any adverse side effects while boosting the immune system so that the animals can heal themselves. I’ve always believed in prevention, instead of healing sick animals, keep them healthy, boost their immune system so that they stay healthy, it doesn’t matter what germ (bacteria, fungus, virus, parasite) comes their way, they’re immune system is strong enough to take care of it. I want my patients to be healthy, to come and visit for the fun of it, not because they’re sick. I want to empower the owners, so that they enjoy their pets and are not constantly worrying about their health. We want to be healthy and we also want our pets to be healthy and I’m sure the only way to do this is with natural practices.

LA:Why did you choose your practice(s) and what is your focus?

LA: I chose to be a vet because all my life I was surrounded by animals, ducks, cats, dogs, raccoons, snakes, rats, frogs, chickens, and I suffered when they were sick, so I wanted to learn how to keep them healthy, when I learned about natural medicine in all its forms and how it helped the animals stay healthy and disease free, it was the logical step for my practice. I still can’t believe that all the veterinarians haven’t added natural practices to their healing and treatment tools. I’ve used natural medicine since 1980, and it’s been a wonderful rewarding journey! It started with herbs, then homeopathy, nutrition, flower essences, gem essences and finally kinesiology.

What can people expect from your workshop?

They will learn that all the problems with their pets can be improved, if not solved completely, naturally, even if it’s a severe medical condition like cancer, natural medicine can be a great support that would give them better quality of life. If it’s a behavioral problem, flower essences can do wonders, from learning disorders, to potty training, to disgusting habits, you’ll be surprised how well and how fast they work! You’ll learn what nutritional supplements can help prevent disease and boost your pet’s immune system. You’ll also learn how flower essences work on your pet’s body and that you can use them safely on all your pets, and finally you’ll be relieved to know that you can keep your pet healthy and happy the natural way.

How should people prepare for your workshops?

Come with an open mind and a long list of behavior and medical questions.

Any other question you would like to answer to let them know more?

How would you feel if your pet’s good health would be a given? No food allergies, no annoying habits, no constant respiratory, digestive or urinary infections? HEALTHY AND HAPPY PETS! HAPPY OWNERS!


Interview with Lenna Groudan

Here is an interview with Lenna Groudan. Lenna is one of our guest speakers. She’ll be presenting at the Natural Health & Wellness Workshop, on March 7. Her session is called, “Natural Beauty”. She will talk about natural cosmetics and provide a hands-on experience. If you want to join us for this session, register and choose the March 7 session.

Lenna Groudan presents, "Natural Beauty", on March 7.

Lenna Groudan presents, “Natural Beauty”, on March 7.

LA: Why are natural practices important to you?

LG: I was born and raised in Venezuela. My exposure to a holistic approach to health and natural healing started at an early age. I grew up very close to my maternal grandmother “Abuelita” who lived her life following a very holistic and spiritual approach. I went back to my holistic roots after having issues conceiving and trying traditional medicine without success. I did three months of acupuncture and was able to get pregnant naturally. I always tell my kids that they are miracle babies.

I have a great passion for living healthy, for learning and for helping people. Following my passions, I took my passion for more natural healing to the next level by keeping not only the body but also the mind and the soul in balance – as a whole. I decided to make this pursuit my calling. Since then, I have taken many classes and have received a number of certificates in order to learn more about how to help myself, my family, my friends and my clients reestablish and retain their overall health and well-being through a more natural/holistic approach.

Living a healthy life is very important to me and my family and using natural/holistic modalities is our preferred approach to achieve this.

LA: Why did you choose your practice(s) and what is your focus?

LG: The last few years I have learned and worked with different holistic natural pursuits until I realized that creating and making our own bath and body products with my kids and husband was so much fun that I needed to share it with the world. Teaching my kids about healthy living and creating awareness at such an early age to make healthy choices for their bodies is one part of my focus. The other part is to help educate moms and kids by making natural, organic, fun products to create that awareness as well. Listening to my 6 years old talking about healthy food and products is just a confirmation of this focus and effort.

Living a healthy life is not only about eating healthy food and exercising but also putting healthy products in… and on your body. If you do not put it in your mouth, do not put it on your skin. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, therefore, anything you put on it gets into your bloodstream very quickly… for good or bad. More and more, we see people with skin issues that can be relieved with natural products, if they know about these natural choices. We want to be knowledgeable and mindful of the choices we make.

LA: What can people expect from your workshop?

LG: My workshops are educational, dynamic, and most of all…fun. Time goes fast when you are having fun learning how and why to make your own body products with just natural, organic ingredients. Most of the ingredients we use are eatable, very surprising.

LA: How should people prepare for your workshop?

LG: Come ready to have fun and to learn more about how to use natural, organic ingredients to make your bath and body products. I encourage attendees to think about what health issues they, or their families may be having that could be related to, or relieved by their skincare regimen. Please also think about any questions you may have regarding specific ingredients they should look for or avoid.


Join us on March 7, for Lenna’s session.

The Natural Way

Natural Health & Wellness Workshop Series 2015

Natural Health & Wellness Workshop Series 2015

In 1978, I was in design school, working part-time and taking extra classes in art. I was living in one of the most populated cities in the world with high pollution. No surprise, my health started acting up.

A monthly cold with sore throat was what bothered me enough to want to do something because it was getting in the way of my activities.

What I didn’t know was that my body was telling me what I needed and I didn’t know how to listen. By 1979, I began my path of natural health and wellness and I haven’t looked back.

A chronic student and teacher, I began to learn more and more about the natural way of balancing your health and well-being. Excited about what I was learning, I began to share it with everyone who would listen about achieving a healthy balance.

The natural way is an excellent maintenance plan. It can give you a tune-up and a boost when you need it and gets you back on the road.

These practices have been around for ages but the questions people have are: What is it? How does it work? Understanding the questions that most people have about natural practices and what they do, I’ve put together a series of workshops to introduce these practices and invited some contemporary practitioners to demonstrate how they practice these methods to help increase your Natural Practice IQ.

I hope that the workshops help educate more people about natural practices for good health maintenance, the natural way.

I’ll be interviewing my guest practitioners so stay tuned to hear more about them. If you would like to know more about the workshop series, visit our workshop page.


2015 Woman of the Year – Woman Artist

Sucesos Newspaper and Solo Mujeres Magazine is pleased to present their 2015 Woman of the Year award to women for their success, dedication, professionalism, commitment and
leadership. These women have been selected in different categories in the framework of the International Day of Women during the Eight Annual Luncheon “Tribute to Hispanic Women”.

Sonia Clayton
President & CEO Virtual Intelligence Providers LLC

Monica Vacca
(The Houston Real Estate Group)
Rocio Jasso
(ABC Professional Tree Services)
Cinthya Miranda
(Alpha Academy)

Luz Damaris Rosario
Adriana Gonzalez
(President Camara de Empresarios)
Patricia Motta
(Interim President of HACE)

Gloria Gallegos
(Associate Superintendent for Special Programs)
Daisy Zúñiga
(Pre-K Education)

Paula Restrepo

Dorothy Ruiz
(Houston Ground Controller for NASA Johnson Space Center)

Catherine Oliveros, DrPH, MPH
(Director, Community Affairs Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas)

Lilibeth André
(Directora grupo Alquimia Cultural de Houston)
Nubia Gala
Marisela Collyns

Cynthia Cisneros
Rubidia Guzmán
Erika Galván
(Famosos Newspaper)

Doris Louis Foulk
(Founder- President of LACES)
Francis Parilla
(Centro de Mujeres de Houston)
Claudia Ortega-Hugue
(Directora Regional Texas NALEO)
Joana Mateu
(Casa El Salvador)


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