The Replaceable You

I could identify with Kristin Muhlner on several things such as leaving school early and launching on a career that happened and grew. In a recent interview by the New York Times, she talks about being replaceable. Though I didn’t agree with some of her take-aways I do agree that as a leader, one must always create an organization with the understanding that the leader is replaceable.

The thought reminded me of my belief that a leader must create an organization that runs like a Swiss watch.

By empowering and communicating direction, team members understand where the organization is going and how they fit in. They understand the process and can step up to the plate knowing how to hit a home run or catch a fly ball. They know what their function is to keep the clock ticking and are given the security and liberty to ad lib with a good batting ratio.

If the team members are part of the organizational process in knowledge, skill and understanding, they can perform to the best of their abilities, they are integrated and can better collaborate with other members of the team. They can keep the machine running smoothly because each is an integral part of the whole.

This is when a good leader can step back and the culture she has create will hold, and the clock will run like a well oiled machine and still be ticking.



About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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