In Appreciation Of A Wonderful 2014

It’s been a year since I launched the ebook version of The Lady of the Turquoise Pendant in January. I was very excited when the first European reader purchased my book.

The Lady of the Turquoise Pendant

The Lady of the Turquoise Pendant, by Lilibeth André

In June I returned from vacation when I learned the book won the Best Young Adult Educational Book Award presented by the International Latino Book Awards in Las Vegas.

The Guiton St. Artists Spring Open Studio was a fun success with my fellow neighbors Bruce Williamson and Caroline Ratliff opening the door to their studio as well. My exhibition was curated by artists Darra Keeton and we called it FACES:Houston Community. It gave me the opportunity to share my art and visit with old and new friends.

I was invited to participate in the Frida Kahlo Exhibition at ChimMaya Gallery in Los Angeles this summer. I was thrilled to reach out to California with my paintings.

Original art by Alpine High School students

Original art by Alpine High School students

This fall I visited with 800 grade school students in Alvin, Texas. We talked about what it is like to be an artists and I demonstrated how I work. I was excited to see that over half of the students considered themselves artists. I also had the opportunity to work with 100 high school students through the Arts In Education Program in Alpine, Texas.

Your invitation to the Open Studio & Art Sale

Your invitation to the Open Studio & Art Sale

The Fall Open Studio was a good way to close the year with new works at the studio. I once again teamed up with my neighbors Bruce Williamson and Caroline Ratliff to open our doors and share new artworks.

The fall in West Texas was fun and exciting. I was honored to be selected to lead a chalk art project for ArtWalk 2014. The painting was at Brown Dog Gardens and I worked with team of talented local artists to produce a sample of ephemeral art.

I am very thankful to Kiowa Gallery for representing my artwork in Alpine!

The Songs Of My Grandfather, Edited by Lilibeth Andre

The Songs Of My Grandfather, Edited by Lilibeth Andre

To close the year I completed my new book, The Songs Of My Grandfather. A tribute to my grandfather, the book gives me a sense of completion and pride to share his songs as poems in this book that compiles his lyrics in Spanish with English translations. I look forward to the official launch of the book next year.

This year would not have come together without the help, appreciation, support, encouragement, camaraderie and love of all of you. I thank you for your inspiration, your motivation, and appreciation for the work that I do to express my creativity. Thank you for letting me share my language of the world, as I see it, inside and out.

I am glad you visited my blog. I look forward to exciting opportunities to share more in 2015.


Throw Splashes of Art in Your Home

Are you looking to add a little snazzy bit of art into your home? Try my new art throw pillow collection.

Besides collecting my original artwork that includes oils, acrylics, watercolors, and color pencil pieces, you can also add reproductions on paper, canvas, acrylic and metal sheets, as well as in greeting cards. Earlier this year I added select merchandise to these offerings. They include phone cases and now, art throw pillows.

With the art throw pillow collection you can display art in a whole new way and add a dramatic look in almost every room.

I began my professional career in Mexico City working my way through school and while I was studying architectural design and art I worked alongside architects and designers that allowed me to create exciting developments, commercial, and residential projects. The art throw pillow collection channels that old me and allows me to share the excitement of giving you the opportunity to add art, color and design into your home.

From The Lady of The Turquoise Pendant Collection, art throw pillows by Lilibeth Andre

From The Lady of The Turquoise Pendant Collection, art throw pillows by Lilibeth Andre

I have to tell you I’m personally having a lot of fun with this collection. There are various ways of displaying the artwork by how you place your pillows at home. There are also various ways you can set up the artwork on your pillow as well. You can choose from the various collections but what I find best is the following:

Go to the merchandise page and choose the gallery (see the tabs) that best fits your intent. What kind of mood do you want to project? What color(s) do you want to drive your look?

From the New Orleans French Quarter Collection, art throw pillos by Lilibeth Andre

From the New Orleans French Quarter Collection, art throw pillos by Lilibeth Andre

Next, choose the painting you like. Select the pillow option. You can scan the pillows in that collection (just click NEXT) to see which would be the most appealing to you and your intent. Do you know where and how you would want to display the pillows? Do you want a collection or a single accent pillow?

You can choose the pillows as they are displayed (they come in various square sizes with an option for a rectangular pillow too). You can also drag the image to center the image just the way you like it. This gives you the chance to add more drama with design. You can focus on the geometry of the painting for instance to add greater effect.

From the Tuscan Series, art throw pillows by Lilibeth Andre

From the Tuscan Collection, art throw pillows by Lilibeth Andre

Image size lets you scale the image on your pillow. You can reduce the scale and add more art into the image or increase the scale and only focus on specific details. Consider the background color. You can add a white or black background which can come into play when you reduce the scale of the image to a degree where part of the plain fabric would be showing. This can hep you add a contemporary look too.

With all these options, you can create your own look as you throw splashes of art in your own home. ENJOY!


Warm Thoughts of NOLA

Creating "Royal Street II", Lilibeth Andre

Creating “Royal Street II”, Lilibeth Andre, oil on canvas board

In these cooler days of fall I think about the warm days in NOLA. New Orleans, and the French Quarter in particular, have always offered warm experiences. From the French and Spanish architectural influence to the food and the people-geared environment with magnolia trees, music, and walkability. It has a flavor that reminds me of home.

The days in the French Quarter are slow. Tourists ramble and vendors go about their business. The aroma of food is a pleasant surprise here and there. And it seems that as a legacy to Jean Lafitte, everyone must have at least one tattoo.

The nights are jovial, fun and entertaining for all the senses. Time is suspended and the party continues on end. Daiquiris, other large and colorful drinks and shots are available at every turn. The mood is of light leisure and decadence.

Creating "Pirates Alley", Lilibeth Andre, oil on canvas board.

Creating “Pirates Alley”, Lilibeth Andre, oil on canvas board.

The early mornings are cleanup time. The sweepers wash and scrub the streets and few people step out at that hour. That is when I’d step out packed with my easel and paint box traversing on freshly washed streets to find the colors of the French Quarter.

After an early jog, I stopped at St. Louis Cathedral for a moment of cooling meditation, pick up my gear and hit the streets, inviting at every turn. The warm palette captured the flavor and for me, the moment and soon to be memories of Royal Street, St. Louis Cathedral, Pirate’s Alley, Decatur, St. Peter Street, Balcony I, and Courtyard Bananas. While I enjoyed the humor of the early birds posing for the canvas on their way to work or the shade of the banana trees in the interior courtyard of an old home, I relished on the flavor of the Quarter. The flavor of ages in an ageless area of New Orleans.

With a stash of canvas mementos carefully packed, I boarded my plane and watched from the window. The city between the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River grew smaller and I bid it good-bye, until my next visit. Laissez les bon temps rouler!


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