New Poem – Train To Alpine

Last month, I took my first train ride to Alpine, Texas. I was traveling to teach a workshop on street painting. My students were high school teens who were very talented and willing to give art a try. This November 21 & 22, I will be participating in the 2014 Alpine Artwalk and on a new train ride to Alpine.

The respite from my day-to-day activities created an opportunity to let my creative mind wander and I came up with a new poem to celebrate the occasion.

Train To Alpine
© By Lilibeth André

I sit by the window.
The night brings nothing but the sound of the train,
With the bounce and the swaying,
Comforting me through the night.

Darkness breaks to purples and blues.
A dot of pink spreads and rides the horizon.
It is morning.

The trees and vines of the bayou,
Left behind.
The chaparral before me,
A reminder,
Of clean desert days.
Rock mountains showing,
Green patches,
A gift of the rains.

The sun begins to set
Coloring the sand,
Coral peaches,
Golden tones that warm the mountains,
The ocotillos and the yucca in late bloom.

Again I see the pastures in the early fog,
The light of purple pinks softened
Sage colored grass,
Red earth and gold.
The Seguin River embraced by green foliage,
Reflecting soft pastels of the morning.

The rumble of the wheels on the tracks,
Takes me home.
The Bayou City awaits,
Active, pulsing,
Sure to swallow me once more.


I hope you like the poem!


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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