Collaboration Killers

Nothing stops collaboration more than the lack of it. And then, it will not happen again.

Many will want to build teams to collaborate and exchange ideas but have little intention of contributing. They are mainly using others to gain what they lack.

True collaboration entails contribution and exchange to leverage the strengths and weaknesses of each participant but what are the two main killers of collaboration? Why do ‘team’ members hold back?

Two of the main culprits are funding and ego.

If competition exists for a small pot of funds then the result will be competition versus collaboration. Some people say competition is good because it generates innovation but what a work environment to have? That would end future and willing collaboration and it would dissolve the inducement towards innovation itself by having members who hold back.

The ego comes to play when one feels they must possess and brand the outcome. That attitude stops further collaboration because it is not good for all. This attitude may continue when the controlling member has an advantage but loyalty will not be a part of the partnership because of the imbalance.

If collaborating is hard because we have to open up and become “vulnerable”  then why do we want to collaborate in the first place? Why is becoming “vulnerable” important to collaboration?

The reasons are creativity and innovation. These are the reasons we must be willing to collaborate and play in an even playing field. The more diverse the team members, the greater the opportunities to build on each other’s skill set and knowledge. This composition of a collaborating team allows us to better leverage the three proverbial qualities of a project: cost, time and people, creating a fitting solution.

Creativity and innovation happen almost anywhere but they happen more when we are in a relaxed environment of open exchange and commentary. When we are free to toss out thoughts and allow others to volley the thought until the idea grows and morphs into the best version of what it has become then we are collaborating. We are building the best solutions and taking into account the needs for cost, time and the people. The ultimate reasons to collaborate.





About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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