Art In West Texas

I hopped on the Union Pacific Railroad train to Alpine, Texas and with good reason.

Original art by Alpine High School students

Original art by Alpine High School students

This was my first train ride since childhood. I have always wanted to repeat the fun train trips I experienced as a kid and my opportunity came up this October. I participated in the Alpine Arts and Education project. I was the guest artist visiting to teach the high school students a street painting workshop.

Over one hundred students participated and created wonderful pieces of art that allowed them to express their creativity in a new way. The project couldn’t have happened without the fantastic effort of the project coordinators on the ground and the students’ willingness to experience a new art medium. Go Bucks!

In November I will return as the featured street artist for Artwalk. I will be creating a 10 foot by 20 foot original piece of street art at Brown Dog Garden. This will be my first Artwalk and I am very excited to attend and create a special piece of ephemeral art for Alpine.

The Alpine Artwalk takes place on November 21 & 22, 2014, in downtown Alpine.


2014 Fall Open Studio & Art Sale

The Guiton St. Artists Fall Open Studio and Art Sale for 2014 takes place Saturday, October 25.

Your invitation to the Open Studio & Art Sale

Your invitation to the Open Studio & Art Sale

I’ll be participating with my artist neighbors, Caroline Ratliff and Bruce Williamson in the Guiton St. Artists Open Studios and Art Sale. Come visit the studios and see new works.

The Fall Open Studios and Art Sale is one of two opportunities to visit our studios each year. We have new art and it is ready for your visit.

Doors open from 2:00 to 8:00 pm


Guiton St. Artists
West Loop Building
4848 Guiton Street, Studio 223
Houston, Texas 77027


Come and share a glass of wine and conversation.



Collaboration Killers

Nothing stops collaboration more than the lack of it. And then, it will not happen again.

Many will want to build teams to collaborate and exchange ideas but have little intention of contributing. They are mainly using others to gain what they lack.

True collaboration entails contribution and exchange to leverage the strengths and weaknesses of each participant but what are the two main killers of collaboration? Why do ‘team’ members hold back?

Two of the main culprits are funding and ego.

If competition exists for a small pot of funds then the result will be competition versus collaboration. Some people say competition is good because it generates innovation but what a work environment to have? That would end future and willing collaboration and it would dissolve the inducement towards innovation itself by having members who hold back.

The ego comes to play when one feels they must possess and brand the outcome. That attitude stops further collaboration because it is not good for all. This attitude may continue when the controlling member has an advantage but loyalty will not be a part of the partnership because of the imbalance.

If collaborating is hard because we have to open up and become “vulnerable”  then why do we want to collaborate in the first place? Why is becoming “vulnerable” important to collaboration?

The reasons are creativity and innovation. These are the reasons we must be willing to collaborate and play in an even playing field. The more diverse the team members, the greater the opportunities to build on each other’s skill set and knowledge. This composition of a collaborating team allows us to better leverage the three proverbial qualities of a project: cost, time and people, creating a fitting solution.

Creativity and innovation happen almost anywhere but they happen more when we are in a relaxed environment of open exchange and commentary. When we are free to toss out thoughts and allow others to volley the thought until the idea grows and morphs into the best version of what it has become then we are collaborating. We are building the best solutions and taking into account the needs for cost, time and the people. The ultimate reasons to collaborate.





Have You Checked Your Flight Plan?

As I travel further on my untraveled road, I have given myself the luxury of looking back. Sometimes with a laugh, sometimes longingly but mostly thankful for the experiences and the gifts that have brought me to where I am today, rich in experience that, as I was taught during difficult times, I will always take with me in my heart. And now I realize that what is in my heart I will take with me beyond this lifetime, nothing more.

There are many things that we encounter in our life, places and people as well. Some of these things we relish, some we use, and some we want to attach ourselves to for the various purposes we give them. More importantly, in the big picture scheme, I begin to question purpose.

Purpose is what gives meaning to all questions and although some answers are revealed, some remain a mystery. In boiling down those that have been revealed I can only try to comprehend their meaning and find reason to my own existence. What is my purpose? Why am I here? and, How will I get there?

It would all be very clear if the flight plan would be revealed but the next best thing is what I believe to be a very basic part of it and to me basic allows for simplicity, and simplicity is something I can understand.

This is how I see this simple flight plan:

I believe we come to forgive and be forgiven, to love and be loved, and to appreciate what is and what isn’t. Forgiveness absolves all debt. Love accepts all beings, and appreciation allows us the freedom to find joy and learning in all things that are revealed along our path. These are the accomplishments we are able to take with us. Everything else is icing on the cake of life.


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