Evolution or Revolution?

In my humble and individual opinion, we need to allow nature to work in our favor when looking at the world as it is today. This means we need to learn from those who have worked with the earth because they already possess the human knowledge of how to ‘allow’ nature without taxing natural processes. Nature can take care of itself but perhaps not in our lifetime or in a way that we are adapted to survive so working with nature can be most economic for us.

I think we have been quite spoiled to know nature in a fantastically favorable phase to us. We have adapted to most of its extremes and have propagated. But we have assumed earth is an endless source of resources and have taken advantage of its regenerative powers by eroding its various (eco)systems. And alas, we are an integral part of the system ourselves so the effects of imbalance reach us as well.

Rob Hopkins recently spoke in Houston about Transition. This group of folks is playing it by ear and taking action.

 I think that revolution (being from Mexico and hearing tales of Zapata in my family) is a tool. When a child wants to be heard and is continually ignored, the child resorts to screaming or acting up. I am not saying that revolution is a childish act. It is an example of a powerless being asserting its boundaries. I agree that it is a drastic act. An act to call attention to actions that must be faced. We live in a very comfortable social world and if lack does not affect us directly, we can easily live without looking it in the face. It doesn’t mean it goes away. It means we have grown blind to it. This can enable further push in the negative direction, until someone screams and people look and see what is happening. The next step is taking action. Action is difficult because it requires change and change is uncomfortable on various sides, namely emotional, physical, social, and economic.

 Awakening to a consciousness of love for the earth and the people in it allows us to see what is not good for all and what is inhibiting the good from happening without depletion of the source–earth. As you can see from the video, there is no perfect recipe. Each area, region or group has different needs and resources and therefore will evolve in finding their own solutions. Sharing our own successes helps us all grow exponentially in practice and experience as we move in a more benign way for all. To get there we need to trust. Trust that we will be OK with the change and not panic at the potential loss of what we have known because panic drives one to drastic measures on both extremes inhibiting benign evolution.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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