Sprouts – Part 3

Lilibeth Andre - Lentil sprouts - Day 3

Lilibeth Andre – Lentil sprouts – Day 3

Today is the third day of the vegetarian protein project. My job has been very simple: rinse and drain the sprouts twice, two times a day, and put them back on the window sill. Nature does the rest.

You’ll notice how much the legumes begin to grow and take up space in your jar. This is why you want to work with about 1/4 full jars. The roots grow beyond the length of the bean. You can also begin to see tiny leaves sprouting on the opposite end of the fruit. All this growth takes more space and the netting gets a little bulgy, especially in the lentil jar because I added a bit more than 1/4 full of lentils.

Lilibeth Andre - Bulging sprouts - Day 3

Lilibeth Andre – Bulging sprouts – Day 3

You can begin to harvest your sprouts and let the rest continue to grow if you want longer roots and more leave growth. Just open your jar and pull some of the sprouts out. They are clean and fresh, and ready to eat. Leaf growth uses up some of the sprout energy so this is a good time to get higher nutritional content. I harvested the lentils to make room for the rest of the sprouts. They were getting pretty tight in there.  I added them to my Greek salad for dinner.

Once you reach the stage of growth that you prefer you can refrigerate them to keep them fresh longer. I usually put them in the frig in their bottle to allow them to breathe through the netting. You want to use them fairly soon so they don’t dehydrate in the cooled air of your refrigerator. You can also put them in a sealed container to preserve them a bit more but try to eat them while still fresh for more nutritional value.

You’ll get a better feel for the quantity you need for your personal or family use after the first time you sprout a bean. You’ll see how it grows and expands. You can keep a healthy and fresh ration of sprouts growing cyclically to fulfill your needs. It only takes about three days to get a new batch.

Lilibeth Andre - Mung bean sprouts - Day 3

Lilibeth Andre – Mung bean sprouts – Day 3

So there you have it. Delicious sprouted legumes. Fresh, crunchy and a good source of easily digestible protein, just to name one of the great nutrients they provide. And they taste nutty great.


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Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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2 Responses to Sprouts – Part 3

  1. I just sprouted my first batch a few days ago — I couldn’t believe how easy it was. And you’re right, they are delicious!

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