Fine Art or Merchandise

I consider myself a painter of fine art, classical fine art. Traditionally, one must meet certain criteria to be accepted into these echelons. These may include being accepted as a member of certain organizations and being recognized by them through awards in competitions, over time. Primarily, the artist must be a master of her skill.

Lilibeth Andre paints in West Texas.

Lilibeth Andre paints in West Texas.

After accumulating certain awards that signify the approval of your peers, being recognized as a teacher, and being shown in certain galleries, then you may be on the path of a recognized fine art painter.

The works produced by these master artists are typically of a higher value and are not typically part of Black Friday shopping sprees or pieces that are used to match the furniture. They are more likely an extension of the architecture, a representation of the character of the space, of the owner herself.

Merchandising of art work is left to the commercialization of renown works of art. The Mona Lisa, The Venus by Boticelli or the works of Van Gogh are widely known works of art that have appeared in many reproductions and every-day merchandise.

When is it wise to compromise the fine art ranking and succumb to merchandising ones work?

I have chosen to deliver many of my art pieces as art reproductions and select art merchandise. Why?

I am making a commitment to share my work and make it accessible to more people. Since many people are not able to pick up an original painting from my studio and take it home like they would a new pair of shoes, a purse, or a new suit, I am offering reproductions and merchandise in various forms. My artwork can be delivered on metal, on an acrylic sheet, as a greeting card, on a cell phone case, or in the traditional support of watercolor paper or on canvas.

As a holiday gift, I am also offering a 25% discount off the reproduction cost (applicable frame, mat, assembly, and shipping not included) to make your choice to buy art easier. The Discount Code is: AUMYXH. Good through January 1, 2014.

You can see what is available here.

I hope you enjoy my art in this manner that makes it more accessible to you, your family and friends.

And if you are only into original art, that is fantastic. We can discuss applicable discounts and payment plans too. I would be very thrilled to have my work be in your collection.

So is this fine art turning commercial by merchandising the image? The original work continues to be fine art. The exclusive and authorized use of my digital images is a right that I exercise by presenting you with these approved reproductions that are easier to afford. If you are considering an André piece of art, now is a good time to acquire a piece and begin your collection.

About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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