Vegetarian Protein – Sprouts

We all know how important protein is in our diet. And we know that it is not quantity but quality with protein but what do you do if you are vegetarian or you can’t eat meat?

Meat is the automatic response when we think about protein but did you know that legumes provide a high vegetarian protein? These proteins must be combined to be complete of amino acids.

Legumes, those bean-type fruits like peas, lentils, chick peas, and the many beans we know, are also known to be a bit indigestible.

Enter sprouted legumes. Legumes are a good choice of vegetable protein, among other options, and by sprouting them you can make them more digestible. In two or three days you can have sprouts and begin to enjoy them in your salad, sandwich or with your soup. They also make crunchy snacks. You can be creative with your sprouts.

Lilibeth Andre, Mung Bean Sprouts-Soaking

Lilibeth Andre, Mung Bean Sprouts-Soaking

Start with a clean mason jar or any good-sized jar you recycled. I had some netting from another project and I cut several 5 x 5 inch squares. I used the lid without the mason jar cover to fix the netting over the top but you can tie a wide rubber band over the mouth of the jar to hold the netting down if you are using any other type of jar. If you are sprouting small seeds you may want to use two sheets of netting and place them crisscrossed to each other.

TIP: I save twist ties, rubber bands and other packaging props I get at the market. They come in handy and I don’t have to throw them away without getting more use out of them.

First, you want to buy organic beans. Good “raw material” is key and worth investing in because in the long run, you are feeding yourself high quality fuel.

Add about 1/4 of beans to your jar. Place the netting over the top and seal it with the lid or rubber band. Pour water over the netting into the jar and rinse the beans  by swishing them in the jar with the water and pouring out the water through the netting.

TIP: Use good ‘raw material’ — Use good drinking water. You can catch it in a bowl after the rinse and water your garden vegetables with it.

Fill the jar with water about 1/2 full. You want to make sure the beans are well covered with water even after they grow plump.

Place the jar in an out-of-the-way spot away from too much light and let the beans soak over night.

Lilibeth Andre, Lentil and Mung Bean Sprouts-Day 1

Lilibeth Andre, Lentil and Mung Bean Sprouts-Day 1

In the morning, drain the water and rinse the beans twice. Now you are ready to place them on a sunny spot. I usually put them on my south-facing kitchen window sill.

At night you will rinse them twice once again and put them back on the their ‘sunny’ spot to spend the night.


My Year-end Recap

Lilibeth Andre, Yellow Frida, Oil, 16x12

Lilibeth Andre, Yellow Frida, Oil, 16×12

The 2013 year began for me with wonderful opportunities to share my creativity, and the momentum continued through the fall.

I applied my new art technique and created three portraits of Frida Kahlo for the 8th Annual Frida Festival 2013, at the East End Studio Gallery.

The Guiton St. Artists celebrated our open studios with a three-day festival in April. The closing event included live music by Jimmy Dan, and new art by me and my fellow artist neighbors to share with our growing amazing followers of classical and impressionist art. We so appreciate your support.

Lilibeth Andre, Twin Sisters Morning, oil, 12x16

Lilibeth Andre, Twin Sisters Morning, oil, 12×16

In June, I rejoined my artist friend Myrna Salaun and we returned to the First Saturday Arts Market in the Heights. The Market celebrates 10 years in 2014, and Myrna and I started way back then. Mitch Cohen has been a wonderful organizer and friend.

I was proud to be included in Second Nature, an exhibition of student works, part of Darra Keeton’s retrospective, In My Nature – Art and Science, at Rice University. The exhibition ran from May to September.

Lilibeth Andre, La Coleta, oil, 16x12

Lilibeth Andre, La Coleta, oil, 16×12

Fechas Patrias: A Celebration of Mexican Independence was a solo art exhibition at Talento Bilingue de Houston, in Houston’s East End. The show compiled a progressive trajectory of works over the last eight years to candidly present my artistic evolution beginning with works in colored pencil and including my most recent pieces from the Mexico Series.

In October I held my first workshop for writers to share my publishing experience. The concept for this workshop came from the questions I received during my summer book tour as an Author in the Stores for Kroger.

In the fall we celebrated our 7th Guiton St. Artists Fall Open Studios, and my 7th Anniversary in my studio. Live music was by Jeff Taebel, Janet Z, and recordings by Filip Blachnio. Original works were by my fellow artist neighbors and myself.

The Lady of the Turquoise Pendant

The Lady of the Turquoise Pendant, by Lilibeth André

I celebrated my 7th year volunteering for Houston Via Colori with another 10×10 street painting. And although due to excruciating health circumstances I was not able to return the second day, I enjoyed the fantastic opportunity the Center for Hearing and Speech provides me as a local artist to share my work with thousands of visitors.

El Dia de la Cultura Salvadoreña offered me an opportunity to share my book as a presenter among an impressive program of Latino writers.

I was interviewed by the Latina Book Club, and I had the exciting opportunity to share The Lady of The Turquoise Pendant as a speaker for professional groups, and K-12 students sharing about the Aztecs, writing, art, and innovation.  

Tall boot shopping

Tall boot shopping

The year came to a close giving me the long-awaited opportunity to meet my goal to obtain certification as a Natural Health Professional, and completing my Naturopathic Doctor studies. I look forward to sharing this knowledge with you in the future as well.

I hope your Holidays are Merry and that you can capture your dreams in 2014.

With much appreciation, peace and love.

You can learn more about my work at

Fine Art or Merchandise

I consider myself a painter of fine art, classical fine art. Traditionally, one must meet certain criteria to be accepted into these echelons. These may include being accepted as a member of certain organizations and being recognized by them through awards in competitions, over time. Primarily, the artist must be a master of her skill.

Lilibeth Andre paints in West Texas.

Lilibeth Andre paints in West Texas.

After accumulating certain awards that signify the approval of your peers, being recognized as a teacher, and being shown in certain galleries, then you may be on the path of a recognized fine art painter.

The works produced by these master artists are typically of a higher value and are not typically part of Black Friday shopping sprees or pieces that are used to match the furniture. They are more likely an extension of the architecture, a representation of the character of the space, of the owner herself.

Merchandising of art work is left to the commercialization of renown works of art. The Mona Lisa, The Venus by Boticelli or the works of Van Gogh are widely known works of art that have appeared in many reproductions and every-day merchandise.

When is it wise to compromise the fine art ranking and succumb to merchandising ones work?

I have chosen to deliver many of my art pieces as art reproductions and select art merchandise. Why?

I am making a commitment to share my work and make it accessible to more people. Since many people are not able to pick up an original painting from my studio and take it home like they would a new pair of shoes, a purse, or a new suit, I am offering reproductions and merchandise in various forms. My artwork can be delivered on metal, on an acrylic sheet, as a greeting card, on a cell phone case, or in the traditional support of watercolor paper or on canvas.

As a holiday gift, I am also offering a 25% discount off the reproduction cost (applicable frame, mat, assembly, and shipping not included) to make your choice to buy art easier. The Discount Code is: AUMYXH. Good through January 1, 2014.

You can see what is available here.

I hope you enjoy my art in this manner that makes it more accessible to you, your family and friends.

And if you are only into original art, that is fantastic. We can discuss applicable discounts and payment plans too. I would be very thrilled to have my work be in your collection.

So is this fine art turning commercial by merchandising the image? The original work continues to be fine art. The exclusive and authorized use of my digital images is a right that I exercise by presenting you with these approved reproductions that are easier to afford. If you are considering an André piece of art, now is a good time to acquire a piece and begin your collection.

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