Why Scream?

Art is expression. Some people like to express the depth and sensibility of what they have to say in ways that reach and touch others. Some only scream for attention because they don’t know how to get in touch with their feelings or expression. Let’s teach them to feel and touch, give them tools to express.

In the world of an artist there exists a fine-tuned sense of perception. This can be auditory, kinetic or visual, and in many cases it is these three and more like taste and perception. External and internal stimulation can activate these senses and a need surges for expression.

If we don’t provide the tools to express, this energy can build and explode. Many times without our understanding of what this energy is or where it came from. Others may wonder what caused that explosive or unacceptable manifestation. In some cases the expression is not what one might have desired if there had been a choice.

Introspection is a good way to become acquainted with this internal energy. Experiencing what stimulates us externally is another way to understand the outside world. But touching and feeling is not for wimps. It takes courage to face the wind, a precise measure of complete surrender and appropriate withdrawal to refine our understanding.

A child is born with the gift to feel, taste and observe opening the first doors to perception. Then begins the teaching of touch, sound and visual recognition. The first forms of expression can be witnessed between the infant and his mother. They are mirrored reactions to her movement, touch, voice and emotion.

Miming is the first measured form of expression. Coupled with verbal babble, these kinetic and auditory manifestations deliver sound and visual interpretation of perceived internal and external stimulation. In this manner our thinking and perception receives a voice.

Writing, music, dancing, and painting provide artistic forms of measured expression. These skills can help us set free the energy of inspiration in ways that can allow others to witness and experience it. Our emotions and feelings can be transfigured into something that others can recognize and maybe understand.

By not providing the skills and the tools for artistic expression we truncate the means to allow the creative energy to flourish. We engender pent up energy with no vehicle to understand, materialize or be set free. We cause energy to become bottled up with no form of delivery. The only way to release it can be to “scream”!

Art can provide the skills, that if mastered, can effectively express, in a precise, measured and successfully controlled manner, what is an abstract form of creative energy germinating in one’s mind.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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