An Intelligent Approach

So here we are, most of us boomers in the 21st Century, though luckily not all. We are world-wide connected and looking at things through different perspectives and this lens changes our view. A flood of information is constantly coming our way. Calls to action snag our attention in areas we may not have considered before. Although we recognize that many of these subjects are important we acknowledge that our life plan, intricately designed, is the track we’re on. But the issues are compelling. We may even begin to wonder if our life plan needs to be adjusted. We question where we would want to steer our own life and how.

In your personal discussion, an approach to weigh in on these issues could be to consider things from three different perspectives:

First, consider ownership. Ownership from the point of view of commitment and care, of being one with the issue and realizing that the decision to become a part of it, it’s failure or success, is ultimately yours to make and learn from. No one else can make that choice or take responsibility for you.

Then, consider detachment. Detachment to acknowledge that you do not own anything or anyone, that you recognize free will and accept circumstances as they come and the choices people make, including your own. You accept that these circumstances and choices will lead to actions and outcomes and you welcome them and let them go.

And then, consider completeness. Completeness as in being whole, bringing your mind, body and heart together to create a combined and balanced you. Your mind that allows you to make logical self-guided decisions, your body that has the force to support you and carry them out, and your heart to lead where your spirit takes you beyond what is seen and measured, they all need to work in synchronicity to do what is right.

With this approach you will have the tools to filter your perspective and make decisions that bring you to a better place as a human being.

Peace and love.






About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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