Rain Drops

I just finished taking the time to watch one of those slide shows sent by a friend. This one is all about raindrops. The drops are photographed after a rain shower and they are artistically arranged by nature. With beautiful music in the background I was quite touched by the beauty and magnificence. As with many beautiful things, it took me back to a memory.

Last year, I sat in my back yard. It was an early morning in November and I found a sliver of sunshine on the grass. I sat on a blanket with my back to it’s rays at the foot of a banana tree. I crossed my legs and placed my phone in front of me. I was going to do a guided meditation and I played the sound file. I closed my eyes and I proceeded with the meditation. I felt strongly connected to my surroundings. I felt I was a part of everything.

As the meditation ended and I slowly opened my eyes I noticed a small dew drop roll down the banana leaf and land on my phone, right in the middle of the screen. I remained calm and resisted a distant urge to instantly jump and wipe the phone dry.

I looked at the drop on the glass and observed it as it sat on the hard surface of the phone screen. Then I noticed a white spec on the droplet. I wondered what it could be. I began to suspect, could it be?

To test my theory I raised one of my arms and sure enough. I realized it was a reflection of me and the garden behind me in this tiny drop of water. Me and my world were in this little drop of rain resting in front of me.

Thank you David for sharing these beautiful photographs with me. They helped me remember a beautiful moment in my life.




About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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