Life-long Learning, an Ongoing Adventure

I am completing a Chemistry of Man course. I’m hurrying to finish because the next course is as exciting as a wrapped present in front of me, it is on Bach Flower Remedies. I am just over the half-way mark of a natural healing program I’ve been working on for about two years now.

Natural healing was a path that called me when I was in college. I began to practice what I call my prescribed new life-style plan to regain my health. I didn’t understand everything specifically so I began to study enough to understand what I was doing and why. After I got married I was excited when my husband, who was a traditionally meat-eating kind of guy said he’d like to join my natural ways. It was a fun and exciting time because we used to just have a blast in everything we did, especially in the kitchen. So good eating, healthy shopping and natural living and healing practices gave us an intuitive health maintenance program that worked.

It seemed natural that I would be drawn to enroll in a formal program that taught many of the things I learned on my own in a more thorough manner and in a self-study program I could pick up in my free-time.

I’ve always been interested in life-long learning, personal development and self-study. I’m disciplined enough that I can stick with something and get it done. Five years ago I took a basic course in German. It was fun to see that my instincts would kick in to respond in French. I learned French as a teenager but never practiced it much after that so I was surprised to see that the language was still stored in the back of my mind, so I got the French course after that. And as I always enjoy a good challenge, I decided that afterwards I would take a course in Mandarin. Then my Chinese friends started including me in their conversations. I would catch a few words now and then. Last year I opted for a course in Greek in preparation for my first visit to the islands. What I also learned is that languages are meant to be spoken or you lose your practice so practice is important.

Recreational learning has always been important to me and How-to books have been on my nightstand or in my carry-all bag as since my school days.

I have taken enough art training to have years of knowledge stored up and ready for practice so I focus on letting it out as much as I can now. I also have an extensive library of books and tapes for many a rainy day, and I do take a class or workshop every now and then just to keep it all current and exciting. It is fun to learn in a social setting as well–what I call a classroom.

I hope I continue to be curious about things enough to learn about new things. For now, it’s time to get back to my book.





About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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