Three Vessels

Today, I’m going to tell you a story.

Not long from today, there was a small group of people on a planet called Earth. They were the lone survivors in what had been a series of unleashed devastation like no other witnessed before. Some of the signs had been there to foresee some tragedies. Others crept in slowly or unexpectedly.

The small group of people were those who had proven stronger than the ones who died of disease and injuries.

The ground was razed. Structures were ruble. Drought took care of everything else and though their leader was wise in the ways of nature there was little she could do to go beyond the natural world.

She had led them to a small structure still standing, miraculously. It was only four masonry walls, three really, but it provided some shelter from the elements, proven wildly unknown now.

Their supplies, of what little they had recovered, were now exhausted. They sat on the ground, mostly dirt swept indoors by past winds and floods. Some leaves crunched underfoot. Only she stood. The rest sat on the ground. The walls helped to keep them erect. No one spoke.

She prayed often or sat cross-legged on the ground with her eyes closed. Her breathing changed. Then, in stillness, her eyes moved rapidly and the expression on her face would changed. She appeared almost happy. To see her you would not expect much. She was small and not particularly fit or attractive. She did possess a certain calm that in these circumstances gave them all a reason to follow her as her instincts led them to better environments. Not that there was was much to be reaped for miles and miles.

Now, exhausted of everything, as they sat and hid from the sun with ongoing hope for clouds, she stood and walked towards the opening. She stopped and appeared to listen.

This is what she heard:

“…and in that vault there are three vessels. You can only have one of the three. The rest are rendered useless and cannot be removed. The other you can lift and return to your people. One vessel contains liquid energy as you know it, the other contains water in its purest form, and the third contains seeded fruits that are fresh.”

She was to make a two-day journey, and with that she walked out. The others waited.

—– o —–

What vessel would you choose? Why?


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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