Sun Dried Diapers

Yesterday I heard about a diaper shortage in Sweden. Then I was part of an innovation competition in the Design Kitchen, at Rice University.  Among other odd objects, they included diapers among the elements of the competition. Diapers were in the air!

So the mental image transported me to a memory of diapers in the air.

When my first bouncing baby was in diaper age we lived in Phoenix, Arizona, land of much, much sunshine. I chose to begin my motherhood career the natural way and that included cloth diapers.

After learning about diapering during the ‘nine-month’ learning stage, when I focused on learning not only what I could about baby-handling but also what was happening inside my body system, I decided that cloth diapers would be the best option for me and my baby.

One of the tremendous benefits was that I lived in Phoenix! How so? Well, Phoenix was my diaper ally. In return, I was a Phoenix ally by not dumping disposable diapers into the waste stream.

So the job was easy. I got diaper detergent, a bucket and a week’s worth of cloth diapers. A week’s worth because diapers can be used for many things when you have a baby.

The process for handling dirty diapers was five easy steps:

1. Dispose of the evidence in the commode.

2. Rinse the diaper.

3. Soak the diaper in the bucket with a bit of diaper detergent and water until you can wash the diaper (you probably have the baby waiting for your return).

4. Return to wash the diaper as best as you can. Do not bleach.

5. Hang it to dry in an outdoor clothes line and let the Phoenix sunshine do it’s magic.

I had extra perks because there was a nice fig tree by my clothes line and I could eat fresh figs after hanging my diapers and I think figs are yummy.

In a short while, even shorter in the summer months, I had wonderfully fresh and sun-bleached, brilliant diapers ready for a new round.

Baby loved the feel of cotton cloth next to his skin and he only used a diaper cover when we went out. Of course that meant keeping a close eye on baby all day to make the diaper changes promptly, as needed but it worked out beautifully.




About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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