Artist On A Mission: Restoring the Jewels

Here is one more story for 2012. It comes to bear because I am finally taking on the task at hand.

In the late 60’s, an artist created a nude of a young and attractive male. The male gifted the commissioned nude to his artist lover. In a painful demonstration of consideration and respect to the southern conservative matriarch, the recipient of the artwork acquiesced and  the ‘jewels’ were covered with a layer of oil-based enamel from the hardware store, perhaps purchased for that specific purpose. That I do not know.

Early this year I received a request from the inheritor of the art piece to see if something could be done to paint something more fitting. A fig leaf was suggested. Otherwise, the attic could have something else to boast about, unless I wanted the life-sized image myself.

I accepted the challenge with full trust of my commission.

After evaluating the work more carefully I discovered I could perceive a vague outline of the jewels and asked if they would be interested in keeping the piece if I restored the figure, for sentimental value. The response was affirmative.

So as the last day of the  year unveils, I have begun the task to restore the jewels of the dashing gentleman. The painting is mounted on one of my large easels, at eye level, and the first steps have taken place. It will be an arduous task to cover the thick layer of glossy paint and not deter from the delicate matt skin colors.

The weather is not cooperating with more gloomy wet days ahead but there is no hurry. I’m on a mission and ready to do what it takes to restore another art piece. It’s only right to do what I can to right this romantic injustice, for art’s sake. For love.

There will be no photo references with this post to protect the innocent victims of puritan excess.






About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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