Energy & Mobility

Not exactly what you think when you read “energy” and “mobility”. I heard about the black outs in India. Unmeasured growth and the resources to support it. Let’s look at ourselves in this mirror and see what our future looks like. In the next breath I heard that the economy needs to provide mobility. Let me explain both the way I see them.

Yes, there has been unmeasured growth. The increase in population has generated greater demand on services but in addition to growth, the demand for more electricity has increased per person so what one person used to require to function on a daily basis has now mushroomed because there are greater needs for power (I use this term intentionally). More air conditioning, more gadgets, more cars, greater distance. All need more power. If power keeps coming from the same sources, of the same types and in the same quantities well, there you have it. You will be short during high demand and suffer a black out or other power shortages (fuel, food, gas, etc.).

So black outs are not uncommon in some countries. They say the blackouts also last longer. And if the population is increasing along with demand in all countries of the world then our hunger for power will go unsatisfied. We need to look at other sources of power and the best way to distribute it (off the grid to save infrastructure costs?).

Now let’s look at mobility. Mobility, in this case was not regarding transportation. This mobility referred to economics. The point was that the economy needs to provide mobility. Mobility so that people have the opportunity to move up.

Move up? In other words consume more? Use more energy?

I am all for increasing the quality of life of more people. I don’t see this as necessarily consuming more. I see it as having a nice place to live, a nice community to live in, a job that is rewarding, and time to enjoy all three. Factors that enter in achieving this are sustainability of materials and place, good and affordable education, health care options, community and cultural enrichment, and good stewardship of the earth.

I don’t see this mobility as a vertical ladder up to higher levels of acquisition to prove what wrung has been reached. I see it more as a circle where each element supports and enriches the others and provides the opportunities to give back enriching our sense of community and humanity.

Both of these issues: energy and mobility, seem to prove that we are heading down the wrong path. They are a window into the future and it doesn’t look fruitful. Perhaps it is time we start looking at deeper solutions that are broader and not blind to consequential impacts. If we step back and take a look we can see that everything is part of the same fabric and when we snag one thread, then two, then three, it all begins to unravel quite rapidly.

Let’s find new ways to power our life and a greater satisfying quality of life for more people.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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