Along the Coast

OK, where did we leave off? I got to Venice and took the train and the water bus to Lido. The water was delicious. A nice crowd with live music and gritty brown sand. The town was beautiful and quaint. A nice little row of cafes and people walking down the strand. A nice glass of wine and dinner with a good walk and sight seeing.

Then came Venice! Just beautiful to see those wonderful buildings and alleys where water is the way to transport yourself around town. Walking is the next best thing. Art, art and more art. The art is outdoors for everyone to see. It was almost as amazing as Florence. Ah, florence. This is where there is no need for museums as everything is outdoors. Even my most favorite piece of art: David by Michael Angelo.

The Vatican was great. I saw my other favorite piece of sculpture: The Piedad. The art and history, all very interesting. By night it looks quite impressive but nothing more impressive than Rome! Rome by day or night was incredible. The metro, the buses and walking everywhere. Lots of wine, lots of pasta, and lots of gelato.

Genova, Tuscany but wait! I almost forgot: Monaco and Montecarlo. Quite impressive indeed. I kept hoping to catch 007 driving up in something worthy of parking out front. The Costa Azure is quite a sight.

Barcelona has an exciting collection of more modern architecture. This is where everyone hangs out in the evening. The weather was a bit cooler along this coast from Monaco to Barcelona. Quite enjoyable.

Zaragoza is a nice place and I may want to return. The church and fountain well worth seeing.

I have to tell you that there is a good inventory of solar panels and windmills in all of theses areas. And hotels are very energy efficient with motion detection for light control, flushing options, and management of all the toilletries to control waste. And all power is off when you are not in the room.

Now I am in Madrid touching base with special people. Tomorrow off to the south country where it will once again be warmer. I hope there will be another chance to go to the beach. Gotta get ready for my evening in the town with tapas and wine.

Nos vemos!


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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3 Responses to Along the Coast

  1. Frank says:

    Sounds like a great trip!

    I don’t like big cities, but I do love me some Rome.

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