Back To The Future Via The Past

Here goes take two. Lesson learned: Save draft as you go.

Chicago was hot. Madrid was too. I got to see windmill and solar panel activity in Spain and in my destination point: Greece.

Athens is certainly summery enough. The city looks like many I have visited. Wide avenues with old trees and buildings that have seen many tenants and businesses in their storefronts.

I got to see Athens at night climbing by the Acroplolis to get a good view from above. Well lit ruins and cobblestone roads with people enjoying the evening, the music, and life.

I got to see the changing of the guard at the parliament building.

I had a veggie pita and frozen Greek yogurt.

The populations seems younger or perhaps it is the tourists. Everyone is friendly and enough people speak English to help. My quick Greek study did not get me far enough into the basics.

Today, Athens by day and final plans on island hopping trek.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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One Response to Back To The Future Via The Past

  1. Frnak says:

    Sounds like fun. Have a good rest of the trip!

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