What Do You Paint?

Sketch LA5793

Lilibeth André, "Sketch LA5793", Charcoal on paper

The typical question I get when I say that I’m an artist is, “What kind?”

“I’m a painter”, I say.

“What do you paint?” they ask.

Here is where I want to say, “Everything,” but I usually say, “Mostly portraits and figures.”

So why do I say that? For me, painting portraits and figures is the most difficult thing you can do, and because I am a person that likes to continuously be challenged I work on portraits and figures.

Sketch LA5794

Lilibeth André, "Sketch LA5794", Charcoal on paper

This of course does not mean I don’t do other things. In fact, I do quite a bit of things. When I travel I mostly do landscapes. About twice a year I “hunt” wildlife with my camera because they typically don’t hold the pose like studio models. I can’t help that I am always looking at things with an artist’s eye.

I may be looking at people and then realize I am making them uncomfortable. Children and animals are wonderful to watch. They are not typically self-conscious. There are also those wonderful scenes that just present themselves in nature or in the city, or on the road, sky or water. For this reason I typically carry a camera and small sketch pad with me.

Sketch LA5795

Lilibeth André, "Sketch LA5795", Charcoal on paper

I always revert back to portraits and figures for my ongoing exercise of brain-to-hand communication. Whether it be with a brush or a drawing stick, that is the practice I continuously make time for.

Here are three samples of my most current sketches. Each pose is from one sitting so I don’t spend much time on them. They are like a dance of musical chairs and when the music stops, or the timer rings, I move on to a new sheet of paper.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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