Art, An Economic Powerhouse, And A Superhero

Andrea 12 conte

Lilibeth Andre, Andrea 12, conté on paper

Off to a great new year! First of all, I was excited to read in the Editorial of the Houston Chronicle that in Houston we now have our own Marvel comic: Scarlet Spider. He is here to fight corruption and bad guys. How cool is that! So he’ll be popping up at the Port of Houston and other area hang outs. I wonder if he’ll show up at our many artist studios (how about mine?) or our diverse ecosystems to see our extensive wildlife?

Speaking of ecosystems, wildlife, and art, my post for November 29, 2011, Houston, We Have An Experience seems to be generating ripples. Robert L. Lynch and Joseph C. Dilg wrote The Arts Are Houston’s Clandestine Economic Powerhouse, to spread the wisdom of what the art industry is doing in Houston already.

Andrea 12 conte cu

Lilibeth Andre, Andrea (detail), conte on paper

These are exciting times! So with that enthusiasm, I popped in at the Markos Group Studio to do some portrait sketching. As I’ve mentioned before, we are a small group of folks that get together, listen to classical music and paint at our own pace and without instruction. We exercise the hand-eye coordination while we socialize a little and have a relaxing evening. Someone brought some King Cake (similar to Rosca de Reyes celebrating the Epiphany) and someone brought some mochi,  a Japanese sweet rice cake. There was coffee and a fantastic model.

I continued with my objective of doing more drawings so I took out my white sketch paper pad and drew with my sepia conté stick. This 24×18 sketch presents a half portrait of the model in her braids and Mexican blouse. I focused on the likeness and was satisfied with the final drawing. I had 90 minutes to spend at the studio and the model posed for about 3 sessions in that interval of time with a couple of breaks for snacking and chatting in between.

Perhaps for the next sitting I’ll actually do a painting of her.

I would like to recognize the life of Mrs. Lajos Markos who left us at the end of 2011. Her support of the Houston Civic Arts Association and the Markos Group will always be remembered.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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