Plein Aire Painting & A Portrait

Mission San Jose II

Lilibeth André, Mission San Jose II, oil, 12x16

I made my first Oil Painters of America paint out! It was in my old “home” town of San Antonio.

I’m not a road trip driver but I really wanted to participate in this one so I packed my art box and there I went, ready for a plein aire adventure.

Like all good artists of the outdoors, we were there early in the morning to get a head start before the weather got too hot. I staked my spot under the shade of a big live oak and prepared my palette. I checked in with a couple of artists and got to work.

We were at Mission San Jose. Several people stopped by to say hello and to take pictures of my work in progress. We painted until lunch and headed over to Nicha’s, a long-time neighborhood Mexican restaurant where I had some carne a la Tampiqueña. After meeting some of the other artists like Qiang Huang and Gladys Roldan de Moras, we headed back to get a few more strokes in before calling it a day. I realized that many of the Texas artists were like me, born in Mexico, China, Poland or other countries but now making Texas our home.

Once you are out there, calling it a day is not soon enough for the faint of heart but we are all experienced ‘outdoorsmen’ and for someone like me that doesn’t get the opportunity to get to the great outdoors as often as I’d like, 5:00pm came way too soon. The mission staff let us know they would be closing soon.

After a hot toasty weekend, I had a few wet canvases and I was satisfied.

Rodney Hat

Lilibeth Andre, Rodney Hat, oil, 16x12

To stay with the groove of the weekend, I brought out the oils again for the portrait studio this week. You’ll remember I have been sketching most of the year as part of my exercise regimen. But having tasted the oils this weekend, I had to have a little more fun sloshing the colors around a new canvas.

Rodney Hat is a quick sketch in oils. I’ve sketched Rodney in the past and it was nice to see him again. At first I wanted to capture more of the figure but chose to focus more on his features and made the painting a head “shot”. I called it a wrap and headed back to prep some images for the book project I am collaborating on. More on that next time.

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