Summer Wrap Up

Herminia, Sketch 1

Lilibeth Andre, Herminia, Sketch 1

At this tail end of the summer, several of our studio members are out for summer vacation. Three of us ‘loyal to the cause’ came in to paint. I, staying on course, brought my sketch pads.

It was just Danny, our alternate studio  coordinator, the model and I at first. Claudia joined us later. Danny and Claudia typically work in oils although the sketching fever caught on a bit but folks reverted back to oils. I will continue with the sketching in this group through the end of the year and see what I will do after that.

Herminia, Sketch 3

Lilibeth Andre, Herminia, Sketch 3

What I do notice is that I am not used to the solvents anymore. It is more apparent having been gone for a couple of weeks. The fumes feel strong in the studio. I can usually sense who uses more solvent when they set up their work area. I put the fan behind me to blow in the opposite direction and spare me a headache and red eyes later. This is the one reason I don’t like painting with groups in closed quarters. With the water soluble oils, I don’t need solvents to move my paints.

Herminia, Sketch 2

Lilibeth Andre, Herminia, Sketch 2

Herminia, our model, is from France. She is an actress and a student. She will pose for two weeks. Knowing this, I was tempted to bring my paint box but stuck with the sketch pads (you’ll remember my new year’s resolution was to sketch more).

I started with the 18×24 inch sketch pad and did a 3/4 figure sketch in two sittings. Then I went to a 1/2 figure in two sittings and didn’t get to work the hands. I only had enough time for one more sitting and I chose to do a sketch of the face on the 11×14 inch pad.

All poses where from the same angle. This is not common for me but I thought it was good practice to start a new sketch from the same point of view. Of course, I chose to change the composition for variety.

I enjoyed ‘learning’ Herminia’s features with each exercise. I also played with the charcoal stick and somewhere along the way, I thought it would be nice to soften the sketch.

Feeling more fit than before, I packed up quickly and bid goodbye for the evening to my studio friends who continued on for another two or three sittings more.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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