A Tool For “Turning It Off”

Zoe 6

Lilibeth André, Zoe Sketch 6

The wonderful thing about drawing is that I am 100% there. As an excellent example of a good generalist, I handle a variety of things. My day, not so rare I am sure, reflects a tremendous variety of activities.

I start the day before dawn with a workout program to maintain the ‘machinery’ in the best form possible with something fitting of my schedule, energy and mood. Then comes the fashion consulting to pick the best, coolest and no-iron outfit. Then the fun but no-fuss trimmings, and off to the kitchen for a healthy smoothy I blend with available fruit, nuts and almond milk.

Zoe 4

Lilibeth André, Zoe Sketch 4

The morning may require anything from finance to public relations, business development, and project management. Next, a working lunch or a lunch break with ab work vs. coffee, meditation, and reading for intellectual development, perhaps in alternative medicine.

The afternoon could be full of writing content, editing copy and designing graphics, event planning or perhaps some accounting too. After a few phone calls and email responses, a low-meeting, and productive day at the office seems to be wrapping up.

Zoe 5

Lilibeth André, Zoe Sketch 5

Dinner is quick. The home office and the easel await after some brief but meaningful family moments.

The evening is also a time to catch up on the social aspects of life, art business and friendship.

Before I know it, the clock strikes 12 a.m. It is time to pull the plug and off to bed I go for some very short pre-sleep reading before calling it a night. Many times I think this reading is just the sleeping “pill” I need to settle my head before resting in Morpheus’ arms (This is figuratively, of course).

Zoe 3

Lilibeth Andre, Zoe Sketch 3

So when I sketch, I can put the thinking that sparks these activities on hold as I take a piece of charcoal in my hand and slide it across the paper to trace the features of the model before me.

The task becomes technical. I may bite my lip in concentrated fashion.  The mental formula translates through my arm to the lead before me. The measuring tool is now built into my eyes. I look at the paper and observe the sitter. I measure and tweak where necessary to represent what I see in the moment, from my focal point, capturing what I believe is the model that I see. And if successful, I will capture it on paper in a convincing manner.

About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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