Sketching Lisa, Dolly & Sake

Lisa sketch

Lisa sketch, graphite on paper

I showed up at the studio in session. The model was posing and I got some hellos from the artists with no eye contact. They were fixed on the model. Vivaldi played in the background.

I walked the open  space to find a spot that appealed to me scanning the model. Then I noticed. Wrapped by her hand was Dolly. We were later very impressed she was better behaved than some models. She posed perfectly.

Grabbing two chairs, a table and propping up my sketch pad I set out to draw as much of the figure as I could. I adjusted proportions and finally liked what I had. I liked the pose. I began to model the image and decided I wanted to focus on the face. I sculpted the likeness with my pencil and then I noticed: Sake was laying at her feet!

Lisa Sketch detail

Lisa Sketch detail

Sake, another wonderful model only moved three times to adjust his pose.

I did outlines to place the dogs Lisa brought from out-of-state for a show. As models we gave these canine friends an A+.

Lisa sketch closeup

Lisa Sketch closeup

Lisa rescues dogs and trains them for show and for therapy. She books their gigs and takes them on their appointments. All in her spare time. We were all very impressed.

My studio mates took a couple of pictures from my vantage point. If I like the photos I may do some paintings of Lisa and her furry and well-behaved friends.

About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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  1. Great stuff! thank you for sharing:)

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