A New Sketch & Art You Wear

In my vow to get back into the sketching habit, as I said I would do more of this year, I returned to my studio group.


Lilibeth André, Allie, conté

The model was beautiful. Thick curly hair pinned up in a heavy pony tail served as a frame for her wonderful features. Her almond eyes with a slight slant and a mouth that curled up without smiling were enjoyable to work on.

I knew I only had an hour so I worked fast to try to capture the landscape of her face. I worked on scale and placement of the features and began to form them. I added light and shadow too.

My next step would be to make some corrections and greater definition, also adding some darks and lights. I felt the stop into the studio was rewarding and I left with a satisfactory conté sketch on paper of Allie.

Yesterday I participated in One, a group show featuring the work of 35 local artists. When deciding what to wear I felt I should wear some body art. I contacted local body artist Valerie Ann Ramirez and she agreed to do a piece for me.

Allie detail

Allie, conté, detail

When I arrived at her studio she was just completing a photo shoot. She wanted to know what I had in mind. I asked for a red dragon. Bringing her tools out she prepared to get to work. Valerie expertly did her magic and the red dragon appeared among the bambo stalks.

LA and Valerie

Lilibeth André and Valerie Ann Ramirez

Valerie did a wonderful job. She promised to come to the show and she visited later in the evening.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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