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Lilibeth André, "Raven", oil

I’ve painted and sketched three generations now and it was all through my Thursday night group.

I stopped by to sketch with the group this week. Some years back, I had the opportunity to paint Raven. Raven is Danny’s grand daughter. Danny is one of our group members. He was the group coordinator for several years and always had a model for the group. Somehow he always managed to bring someone in and we were very appreciative to have a live model. Danny had some health problems and passed the baton to another of our members but the group continues and he is well enough to come back and paint with us.


Lilibeth André, "Danny", oil

This evening, the model was Raven’s dad. Not being sure if I’d be able to return to paint with the group the following week and preferring to work from life, I chose to sketch instead. The other members of the group have the opportunity to work on the portrait during the week and work off a photo they take during the session. Later I found out that this was the last night with this model so sketching was a good choice.

Raven’s painting was done about four years ago, maybe a little more. Danny’s portrait I painted two years ago. I enjoyed the loose and easy strokes that came together to produce “Danny”.

Danny Jr

Lilibeth André, Danny Jr., conté

I found an open spot and I sat down to sketch Danny Jr. I only had a short while and got a little caught up with my friends while we painted. We chatted during the break and I admired their work. So “Danny Jr.” came together as a quick sketch focusing on the likeness and capturing the light and shadow on the subject.

And yes, David presented me with the portrait he painted of me (see last week’s posting). The painting, like all artwork, looks so much better in real life. All were in agreement that David did an excellent job with the colors and I told him he did a great job with the likeness.


On July 9, 2011, I will be one of 35 artists participating in the “One“, a group show benefiting Doctors Without Borders.

Lilibeth André, Her Kimono, 20x16, oil, $1,200.


Artists include:

Charlie Jean Stairwell, Kelly Devine, Justin Garcia, Rodolfo Banuelos, Louise Schlachter, Jonatan Lopez, Catherine Winkler , Julie Zarate, Barbara Harmer, Cathy Espinosa Payne, Tara Jordan Greenleaf, Lilibeth André, Victoria Lewelling, Mindy Knight, Mitch Cohen, Paula Hawkins, Jerrie Glidden, Jimmy Houston, Christian Perkins, Sue Donaldson, Al Nash, Sergio Santos, Martin de Vore, Lynet McDonald, Tanna Bennett, Lorena B. Fernandez, Guillermo Hernandez Esparza, Susan Goettsche, Lacey Crawford, Matt Adams, Hebe Brooks, Cathy Payne, Amanda Armistead and Michelle Graczyk.

Pierre Ferrand Cognac and Gin, great wine, cigar rolling, blues and jazz music, and 35 top artists add up to one of the best shows in the city.

"One", benefits Doctors Without Borders, Elder Street Gallery

The show is from 5:00 to 9:00 pm, and it takes place at Elder Street Gallery.
Elder Street Gallery
1101 Elder Street
Houston, Texas

Elder Street Gallery is located down Dart Street, off Houston Avenue, at the old Jefferson Davis Hospital building, now artist lofts, in the Inner Corridor near I-45 and I-10.

Artist As Model

First let me say this, as an artist, I know what I like to see. As a model, I’ve had my training. As a creative director, I know my stuff. So when my artist friends like a pose, I comply. I think it is a standard thing most of us artists do. We’re always looking for a subject.

LA Sekula

Lilibeth Andre, by Gaye Sekula

On a trip to San Antonio a few years back I met a lovely artist. We were both showing our artwork at the Riverwalk and she was snapping photos away. She was kind enough to take some pictures of me. She said she was going to paint me. A few months later, she sent me a photo of the finished work. I was impressed.

We’ve stayed in touch ever since that trip. I keep up with her painting and she keeps up with mine. Gaye Sakula is a fantastic impressionist artist and a terrific long-distance friend. She is generous with her art-shop tips and always has encouraging words. I think you’ll like her work.

Recently, I received a “threatening” email from my old portrait studio group leader. He said that if I didn’t come back soon I would never get the portrait he had painted of me. An image was attached. A teaser if I ever saw one. I thought he did a great job! I better get back to the group, pronto!

LA Pierce

Lilibeth Andre, by David Pierce

David Pierce is a really nice friend. I’ve known him for years. Even before I “knew” him, we painted in adjoining rooms at the Houston Civic Arts Association, so for several years, we were painting away for hours and admiring each other’s work. One day they got me to pose and I finally joined the portrait group, and the rest is history.

David is another generous soul. He is charming and gives encouragement and many other things freely. He is also a gentleman with a sense of humor.  He is a fine artist as well. He painted this portrait from a photo he took earlier in the year when we were sketching together.

It is always a pleasure to pose for my friends. Their work certainly makes it worth it, don’t you agree?

Swamp WIP

Cado wip 1

Lilibeth Andre, Caddo WIP 1

I started this piece several years ago but never finished it. At the time, I was taking a landscape class with Jo Mullendore.

Jo is a very talented landscape artist, particularly in the area of composition. She let’s you work your favorite medium and guides you during the class.

The class is a very social event with a small group of artists. There is conversation and art as you work your own subject.

Work continues on this piece.

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