The Artists Are In – For A Good Cause

Lilibeth André, by David Pierce, conté

Last Saturday I rejoined my Markos Group friends to donate our time for the Houston Civic Arts Association (HCAA). It was the Spring Bellaire Arts Festival, where HCAA  partners with the Greater Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce to host the biannual event.

The many dedicated artist volunteers come out twice a year to put on the show with the gracious folks from the Chamber. There are many other ways HCAA partners with the Chamber on community events. In fact, a few of the artists are also professional clowns and bring color AND cheer to community activities.

Lilibeth André by Cam Lu

The Bellaire Art Festival includes fine art, jewelry, crafts and hand made foods like Slim Ritas 100 calorie fresh juice margarita mix.

Four members of the Markos Group camped out at the Bellaire Town Square with the other artist booths and set up to sketch live portraits of willing patrons.

David Pierce got up at the crack of dawn with several other HCAA members to bring out the chairs and other gear.  I arrived at the scene shortly after opening and Cam Lu and Lianchen Lien joined us as well. We sketched women, men and children. No furry friends this time. And the proceeds were all for HCAA.

Markos Group members Spring 2011

As artists we entertain ourselves by sketching each other when our hands are idle. So I brought home a sketch by David (conté) and one by Cam (graphite). Each artist infuses their personal style into each drawing and their perception of the sitter.

All in all, I had a great time spending a day with my fellow artists doing what we like best. I also got to sketch my friends. HCAA raises funds to support the organization through these art festivals. The organization has been in the community for over 30 years and offers classes and workshops by internationally known artists. The Markos Group meets at HCAA on Thursday nights to paint portraits of members of the community.

Thanks to Lianchen Lien for the group photo. Missing in action was our friend Danny Ryan who has been faithful to the cause for all these years but was out for eye surgery so we carried on, as if he’d been right there with us.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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