7th Anniversary

Mitch CS 11

Lilibeth André, Mitch, oil character sketch, 8x6

It was the 7th Anniversary of the First Saturday Arts Market in the Heights. A very cold and windy morning but we roughed it out and held our tents down.

The sun shone after lunch and things warmed up. Especially with that giant bowl of Tai soup that I had.

With the sunshine came the crowds and the Market came to life instantly. The great live music certainly helped get everyone in the mood for art and entertainment. It is an art buyer’s paradise to have some much to see and talk to the artists who are there sharing their work.

Several models warmed up my stool by posing for my quick character sketches. So I enjoyed painting Mary, Jeanne and several others. Some of the sketches went to new homes to dry and get ready for a nice frame.

As part of the celebration, I was compelled to paint a quick character sketch of Mitch Cohen, founder and leader of the Market. And once the dust settled, he did oblige and sat for me momentarily. I knew I only had a few minutes to capture him with all the distractions an event producer has in the middle of an event such as this. I did capture him nonetheless and he is now fixed on this canvas for the ages.

Mitch model

Mitch posing by his Character Sketch

It was a lot of fun seeing everyone once again. Other than stopping for a quick visit in the interim, the last time I’d participated was for the 5th Anniversary when I did a live painting of my friend Martin de Vore.

I had so much fun I just may stop by again on April 2, with paints and easel in tow. The sunshine will abound and another day at the market will be there for all to enjoy. Plan to come by and pose for a quick character sketch. You’ll have an original and fresh portrait painting just off the easel to take home.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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