What If…Would You Be Ready?

Sketch 20922211

Lilibeth André, Sketch p2, charcoal, 17x14

This week I did some heavy lifting at the easel. I sketched.

If bones are what hold us together, muscle, organs and all, that is what I would compare sketching to. The foundation that holds our two dimensional work together. This very basic and primary work is fundamental to the application of paint.

In my case, I believe that the human form is the most difficult challenge when recreating form on a canvas or any support. In addition, creating a likeness such as in a portrait is double the challenge. It is more than duplicating lines, curves and angles. I like to sense the sitter and try to feed my perception into the work I produce.

Sketch f 4-022211

Lilibeth André, Sketch f 4, charcoal, 24x18

What do I look for in the sitter? I look for their beauty, their strength and their innocence. With me, this creates acceptance and a loving connection with the individual. I try to grasp that force and filter it into my work.

I often wonder, What if you suddenly had to leave this world, would you be ready? If you had an opportunity to return and give your goodbyes, and as you looked back at the path you walked, would you be satisfied? Would you regret anything? Would something be left undone?

I believe that I would want to have loved more and to have created more. With this belief, I remind myself to love more deeply and to exhaust my art material while I am here.

The two sketches here are in charcoal. A very basic medium. I worked on paper and tried to be lose yet firm. With little worry over details, I focused on shaping the sitter quickly and moving on to a new pose. You can see more sketches from these sessions at my website. I was happy with the experience and slept well thinking that for these days, I did what I wanted to do.

About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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