WIP 2 And The Games of Life

Red Scarf 2 detail

Lilibeth André, Red Scarf detail

I had a second session to work on Red Scarf and the result was much more to my liking. There was effort to lighten the skin. The block-in was dry and not allowing the paint to spread smoothly. I layered it on creating a new coat of fresh paint to solve that problem.

I reworked the face and made some corrections. Added light and shadow to the hair and did some light work on the scarf and the dress.

This last week was a bit of a challenge with many things happening in all aspects of life. Events shape who we are and how we see things. They reflect in the way we maneuver ourselves. I realize that much of what we bring with us along the way is reflected in our work. As artists, I find that it can give us our point of view and with skill, we can transfer that to the brush, the tool that along with paint, helps us finds what we want to shape onto the canvas.

Red Scarf 2

Lilibeth André, Red Scarf Work in Progress 2

As I stood at my easel losing myself in the geometry of the model’s face, I left behind the issues that had kept me awake and alert analyzing and pondering the games of life. I found that in my feat to master the paint and the brush I danced with the true reasons for living, the energy that I build inside and that will follow me when I go. And for me, that is what painting is all about.

All this with a bit of classical music in the background and suddenly, the likeness of the model was coming through. The modeling of dimension was becoming more apparent and the paint flowed in the direction of the brush, as directed with growing coordination between hand and thought.

In this detail of Red Scarf you can get a closer look. The various colors come together to give three dimensions to a two-dimensional board, in my own handwriting, expressing what I saw through the point of view that is my own.

About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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