Model with Kimono

Red Obi

Lilibeth André, Red Obi, oil, 16x12

During the month of October I worked on two live model poses. The model wore a creme-colored kimono with a red obi. She is a redhead and her alabaster skin reflects wonderful blues.

Ever since I was I kid I have always been attracted to all things Japanese. I used to wear a page boy hair cut with bangs and my grandfather used to call me his “japonecita”.

In school I studied Japanese gardens in my landscape design courses. And I was also attracted to the simplicity, fragile and organic feel of the traditional living space with its use of wood and paper and minimal furnishings.

Red Obi face

Lilibeth André, Red Obi detail face

For the first pose I selected to paint the full figure. This  pose shows the face and arms in shadow with color reflections. Her hair is in a contemporary chignon pinned with Japanese hair sticks. The kimono shines with light and she holds in her hands a folded fan.

Red Obi detail hands

Lilibeth André, Red Obi, detail hands

The second painting is a close up portrait.

I focused on a 3/4 profile to highlight her nose and well cut lips. She has dreamy light blue eyes that can be haunting.

This piece is what I call a bust shot where I focus on the face and chest like a typical “bust” sculpture. I liked her features and the way the light modeled them. Representing the light and shadow while staying true to the features and my personal style of strength and color made this close up view of the model a fun piece to paint.

Ami Portrait

Lilibeth André, Ami Portrait, oil, 16x12

In this session she was not wearing the hair sticks, just her hair in a knott. I represent the shadow and reflections on the face, and the light that hits the side of the face as it continues along the most prominent features while the face turns into the shadow.

Ami Portrait detail

Lilibeth André, Ami Portrait, detail face

Here is a detail of the face to show the face in a close-up view. There is a wonderful shot of light on the collar that enhances the shadow contrast on the face.

About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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