Preparing for an Open House – October 30

I, along with my fellow artist neighbors, am preparing in full force for the annual open house on the 30th of this month. Besides the paintings being signed and dry, I am finishing the framing of the new pieces I will feature.

Framing I like to do myself when I have the time. Once the pieces are framed, which I have scheduled for this week, I will take to the studio and hang.

Then there is the party itself. I’ll prepare for wine and edibles for our visitors. All the details should be completed by Saturday morning.

So what happens in an Open House? Well, the artists open their studios for visitors. They hang the latest works and are available to meet and greet while telling the stories of their newest works of art. Guests get to see what’s inside, they sign the artists guest book and enjoy a glass of wine while perusing the art. Conversation includes biographical, the stories behind the artwork, and provides an opportunity to learn more about each artists and their motivation.

I hope to see you between 2 and 8pm!


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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