Real Heroes Right Here In Texas

This week I had the opportunity to attend a book signing by David Todd.  It was for his The Texas Legacy Project, Stories of Courage & Conservation.  The Brazos Bookstore was standing room only. Among the attendees were real live heroes of skin and bone.


GB Heron

Lilibeth André, GB Heron, colored pencil on paper


As an artist who enjoys painting Texas landscapes, wildlife and the people that share the varied ecosystems the Houston area holds, I can appreciate the work to preserve and protect the environment. The efforts of these regular folks to step up and drive sustainable use of our natural gems is certainly admirable.

Most of these folks have been working relentlessly for most of their adult life to help protect a part of the state that is unique and vital to the overall natural habitat we share.

David Todd’s book is but a small slice of his complete project, a joint effort with David Weisman, to record the oral history narrated by these heroes. These ordinary people like you and me who decided that preserving what they love was important enough to do what they could to save and restore what they feel is important, not just to them but to others who may come after them.

The group is diverse. It includes ministers,  farmers, musicians, scientists, politicians, ranchers, attorneys and teachers, to name a few, but the thread that holds them together is the courage to conserve, to take action, and to persevere.

So to David Todd and to these real heroes: Thank you! Thank you for your efforts to protect and preserve the stories and the environment that helps our world remain one of the most unique and diverse natural ecosystems.

I will continue to venture out there to enjoy and preserve on canvas with brush and paint what you have helped preserve for us to enjoy and appreciate.

About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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