Collecting Art Sustainably

In a recent article by Lindsey Pollock, for Bloomberg Businessweek, she points to the fact that even in recession times, corporations continue to acquire art.

As an artist I can say that this practice is good news.


Farm Road 605

Lilibeth André, Farm Road 605, Oil


One point I like to make in regard to corporate acquisition of artwork is that these buyers should look at adding to their collections the work by local artists.

Why buy local art?

By buying local art you are helping to sustain the local art community. Corporations that make their home in town are investing in the growth of this local industry. They are granting recognition and worth to the artists who share their hometown elevating the quality of life for everyone, those who create, acquire and enjoy the artwork.

Here in Houston, we have a tremendous community of artists. Everything from contemporary abstract to representational, impressionist to super realism, iconic to ethnic. And these artists are self-trained, in training or classically trained. They work a wide variety of mediums and genres. Some paint for fun and some paint professionally.

If local corporations bolster their art collections with the work by local artists they would contribute to the sustainability of this industry. By acquiring the work of local artist they are recognizing their work. Granting accolades at home keeps the arts in Houston and increases the value of the artwork. It helps to grow the art community and calls others to come to Houston for our art.

Perhaps it is time to invest in this clean industry and promote our cultural assets.

About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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