Portrait and Figure Work Continues

Autumn Child II

Lilibeth André, Autumn Child II

I am back from summer vacation and jumping right into studio life with more portraits and figure paintings. I painted  some plein aire landscapes while on vacation but I will include those in a different posting so stay tuned for some views of Colorado with the beginning signs of changing colors.

Mother and child pieces have always been my favorites. And having the opportunity to paint a mother with child model has been very enjoyable as it brings to mind the expectation of the special moment when the mother and child finally meet after establishing a 9-month relationship from the womb.

Here I have an oil I worked during a  single-day sitting of  Autumn Child II,  from a different angle. This painting was a more frontal view of the mother. I liked working with the shadows and the colors on the skin of the model. I will likely work a few details before considering this piece completed although I typically don’t like to continue working on a piece without the model.

Sept Model 10 WIP1

Lilibeth André, September Model WIP 1

It is always a good feeling to return to the studio after being away. It is like really going home. The smell of the paint and oil provides a comforting feeling that only gets better with a brush in the hand and the strokes on the new canvas.

Sept Model detail WIP1

Lilibeth André, Setember Model WIP 1, detail

The new model for the month of September is a male. He presents a wonderful contrast of fair skin and dark hair. The young man has wonderful coloring of light and I had fun painting this first sitting. I pursued a likeness from the initial drawing and made some drawing corrections as I began the color block-in. I focused on initiating the shadows and lights without losing the great colors and reflections.

I am including a close-up detail view to highlight the color and stroke to achieve the modeling of the features.

About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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