Second Sitting and Sketch

Summer Pose WIP2

Lilibeth André, Summer Pose WIP2, oil, 16x12

This week I had the second sitting for Summer Pose.

In this session I worked on better defining the face and added more paint to the body making some corrections to the drawing.

The paint is still wet so there is a lot of transparency of the paint and sheen on the canvas.

There will be another session so I will be able to add more details from the live sitting.

I expect to make final corrections to the drawing. I’ll be focusing on the hand and overall proportion of the body measuring with the model.

Sketch 081210

Lilibeth André, Sketch081210, sanguine conte on paper

Working with my friends from the studio group is always a great opportunity to relax in the evening among art-loving friends. I had missed the previous sessions so I was prepared to just do a sketch since I wouldn’t have time to do an oil painting. Plus I was in the mood to do a drawing.

I drew this sanguine conté on paper of our model. Conversation led to kids going off to college and everyone was able to relate a story. Our model herself had sent her four kids off to college and shared some of her experience with us.

There was much conversation over our next model. Who would it be? There were several candidates and we wouldn’t know until later in the week. It is always someone interesting from the community.


About The Artist

Houston, Texas A classical artist and writer that delves in sustainability issues and natural health practices.
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